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Todd Durkin IMPACT Show interviews Tony Horton, Randy Hetrick, and Trina Gray.

I’m going into the “trenches” here from the IDEA World Fitness Conference where I caught up with 3 fitness titans and asked them each a few questions.

Episode #7 of the Todd Durkin IMPACT Show interviews Tony Horton (P90X creator), Randy Hetrick (TRX, Founder & Creator), and Trina Gray (Club Owner, Entrepreneur, Life Coach).

Listen in now:

Here is some of what they each shared:

Tony Horton (P90X Creator):

  1. Tony’s 3 tips for success.
  2. What Tony does to Get His Mind Right.
  3. What Tony wants his Legacy to be. This might surprise you!

Randy Hetrick (TRX, Founder and Creator):

  1. How to take something all the way from “idea to product to market.”
  2. Randy’s “Get Your Mind Right” routine.
  3. Randy’s legacy.

Trina Gray:

  1. Trina’s top tips for success.
  2. Her “Get Your Mind Right” routine.
  3. Trina’s legacy.   

Now create a great day… and go CREATE some IMPACT!


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