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Todd Durkin and Martin Rooney — ENERGY EXPLOSION

I have often thought about having an ENERGY EXPLOSION conference.

You know, a 1 or 2-day conference/workshop to reset and recalibrate your energy. To fill your head with positivity.

To have some epic calorie-burning workouts.

To infuse some yoga and meditation.

To eat world-class.

To learn cutting-edge, high-performance hacks, tips, and secrets to operate in “best-self” mode.

And to just nurture all aspects of clean, healthy, world-class living and relationships.

It certainly would be a conference that would create a ton of WOW.

Well, my good friend and fitness industry leader cohort Martin Rooney and I have long joked about doing something TOGETHER to create the most amazing ENERGETIC experience of all-time.

And while we have not confirmed any plans to do an ENERGY EXPLOSION conference YET, we have the next best thing.  A Dose of Durkin!!

Martin was recently in San Diego, CA, and visited Fitness Quest 10 for the very first time. It was awesome to catch up, show him the digs, and train together.
Take a look at today’s Dose of Durkin and see what happens during his visit… ☺

Hey, if this Dose doesn’t fire you up, check your pulse. Martin and I had a blast putting this together and sharing our 50+ years combined experience in the field and 20+ year friendship.

Hopefully, you can glean some great ENERGY and wisdom from our time together and make today an extraordinary day.

Much love and much positive ENERGY!


I would love to know if you would be interested in us putting together an ENERGY EXPLOSION retreat. Drop me a line and let me know if you are up for something BIG.

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