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Top 8 Recovery Methods | IMPACT Q&A

Recovery is the name of the game. Whether it be after a tough workout, a grueling game or even after an injury or surgery. In today’s episode, I’m focusing on cutting-edge recovery techniques as I had 2 great questions come in. One question (@LukeThierfelder) asks about my top recovery strategies at home and the gym. The 2nd question (@Brit_Prieto) asks about how to #KeepYourMindRight after surgery or a big setback. Enjoy this one my fire-breathing dragon friends–you’re going to get some deep insights on healing, recovery, and overall great health.

More on the Episode:

Question #1  @Brit_prieto
How do you keep your mind right when you just had a big surgery and are going through rehab?

2:01 – Mindset Of Improvement
Setting small weekly goals keeps you moving forward.

2:40 – Focus On The Process
Trust your physical therapy. Do your homework. 

3:21 – You Need Endorphins
Keep working out!

4:01 – Eat Like a Champion
Greens, proper hydration, and sleep are key to the healing process!

4:23 – Breathwork
Use the parasympathetic nervous system to lower your heart rate and relax

5:16 – And Then Some
What can you do above and beyond to improve your healing, trust your team 

Question #2 @Lukethierfelder 
What are your top 5 recovery methods you do at home or at the gym?

6:05The Most Overlooked Aspect Of Fitness

6:18 – The Intermittent Things
Massage, Infrared Sauna, Normatec boots

7:53 – The Ongoing Things
Stretching, foam roll, Theragun

10:43 – Recovery Sleepwear
How can this potentially help your healing process?

12:05 – Breathwork 
Wim Hof breathwork; 5x5x5 Breaths, Nostril Breathing

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