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Top 9 Lessons from Covid-19

The last 3-months have been some of the toughest, most-grueling months in history. Period. Upon reflection, Covid-19 and the quarantine have provided me a ton of unique lessons that will surely be beneficial in the long-term.

In today’s episode, I share 9 lessons from the last 90-days that range from some of my highest emotions to some of my all-time lowest moments. These lessons are some of the deepest and most important lessons on topics such as training, leadership, pivoting your business, high-performance routines for peak productivity, battling negativity and fear, and how to get your mind right when there is an abyss of darkness all around you. This includes an example of an actual “self-talk” episode I did recently to get my own mind right.

Enjoy today’s episode. I believe it will provide you the opportunity to reflect on the last 90-days or so and see all that happened and all you are grateful for. At the end of the show, I ask you 3 questions that I would love to know from you:

  1. What were your top lessons from Covid-19?
  2. What are you MOST grateful for from the quarantine-experience?
  3. What opportunities do you currently have or can you create because of what you have learned?

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More on the episode:

:55 – Top 9 lessons learned from COVID-19.  
We need gyms to open up..Amp up and Ramp up Fitness.

2:27-  #9 Lesson –  You gotta “Get Your Mind Right!!!”
You must win the battle between your ears.  You can only consume so much news before it gets downright depressing. 90 straight days of the GNN—Good News Network. #WeGotThis mantra

7:11- #8 Lesson – Necessity is the Mother of invention.
When you have to do something you find a way to get it done.

  • FQ10 Created Virtual classes
  • 30 Day Get Yoked Program
  • You can do keynotes from home
  • Create a schedule; PIVOT; Workout; don’t dwell on what you can NO LONGER do; focus on what you CAN do.

10:21- #7 Lesson – Create rules for your life

  1. Work out every day
  2. No more than 1-hour of news per day
  3. 15 min of prayer in AM & evening
  4. No alcohol
  5. Family time at dinner

11:47- #6 Lesson –  Structure your day and follow it, that is the only way to survive.  

  • AM Movement
  • Prayer
  • 9-12 OUTPUT
  • 12-noon GNN
  • 2-5 INPUT
  • 8 pm wind-down- most challenging part of my day

13:51- #5 Lesson –   Sometimes you can’t even CONTROL the CONTROLLABLES… and when things could go wrong, they WILL.  

  • I learned you need good wireless/connectivity at home
  • June 3rd-5th were 3 of the hardest days of my life
  •  I learned to laugh and  learn to accept CHANGE

Change Quotes:

  1. “Change the way you look at things….and the things you look at Change.”
  2. “Change or die.”
  3. “You can’t change what’s going on the outside…until you change what’s going on in the inside.”
  4. “Shift happens.”

18:50- #4 Lesson – We have more hate and anger in our country than I even thought.

  • May 25th was a tough day when George Floyd was murdered.
  • My purpose grew even deeper to motivate & inspire people to be their best. 

21:57-  Time out to thank my sponsors and a special discount code for Carnosy – Code: “durkin30” for 30% off CarnoSyn beta-alanine powder or tablets.

24:14- #3 Lesson –  It takes extraordinary leadership in tough times. Todd shares the dark day of having to furlough 35 employees

  • The world needs Gyms to open now! 
  • How do you show up more and lead more?  The best leaders show up in the darkest days.

32:00- #2 Lesson – FAITH over FEAR. The human spirit is resilient. We are tough. We are built for times like this.

  • Tough times don’t last. Tough people do! The human spirit is tough.
  • We’re built for times like this.
  • Build your faith it’s like a muscle –  Prayer, Iron sharpens iron, stay in the now…

37:00- #1 Lesson – Your workouts and Health are absolutely ESSENTIAL in times like this. 
Workouts at home. In the garage. In the basement. Outside. Walks around the neighborhood. Hikes when parks are open.

40:30- Todd shares an “And then some” LESSON.
Always great to live with GRATITUDE.


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