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Top Must-Do Nutrition Hacks with Robert Yang

Making his return on the IMPACT SHOW today is a world-renowned nutrition expert and good friend, Robert Yang. This episode is EPIC…I reached out to my podcast and Instagram listeners and asked for your top nutrition questions to ask Robert. We had over 50 questions come through on supplementation, sports nutrition, weight loss & weight gain, intermittent fasting, fasted cardio, top hacks for peak performance, and everything in between. This is a rapid-fire nutrition course in just one episode. 

Specifically, this is what Robert and I cover in today’s episode:

  • Gut Health & what to do about it
  • Intermittent Fasting and Fasted Cardio
  • Tips for longevity, happiness, and success with nutrition
  • Nutrition tips post cancer
  • Sports nutrition for the youth athlete
  • Supplements – MCT Oil, Collagen Protein, and Magnesium
  • Nutrition tips for when things get in the way of healthy habits
  • Thoughts on Dairy
  • Weight loss and weight gain
  • Top Nutrition Hacks for Peak Performance & energy

Without further ado, let’s go to the episode. Please be share today’s episode with your family, friends, and colleagues. And be sure to share it on your social media!

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More on the episode:

1:59 – Sean Lake with BUBS Naturals with a special offer –
For 20% off your order, code is “impact” for the best MCT Oil Powder, Collagen, Protein, and Apple Cider Gummies on the planet!

3:57 – What’s new in the world of Robert Yang?
Working on a Gut program…Why is Gut health important

10:02 – Questions about Fasting
sam_bidmer asks: Is Intermittent fasting healthy? What is the best way to do it?
Rhoop31 asks: A lot of discussion has been made about fasted cardio or training for the enthusiasts for fat loss. Is there a science to it?
Colby.schreckengost asks: It seems intermittent fasting and cell repair is all the rage now. Do you believe that fasting is the best way to heal your body from chronic inflammation? I’m a chronic Lyme disease patient. I have a flare-up typically when the seasons change, but this summer has been tough due to the heat and humidity on the east coast.

25:12 – Questions about diets.
emeraldrealtync asks: Thoughts on dairy? What do you think of the “starch diet”?
emeraldrealtync asks: What’s one of your best tips for longevity, happiness, and success when it comes to nutrition?

31:26 – Fiber… how much do we really need? 
Kellys_bootcamp asks: Suggestions for real food fiber. It can be a challenge to get 25 to 35 grams a day, especially for those who are less carb tolerant.

32:49 – Nutrition and Cancer
eringlynn8 asks: What are your thoughts for nutrition post-cancer? I did keto for 2 years with great success, but my cholesterol went up so high my Dr. was overly concerned. (I did a calcium score and tested 0). The premise was to starve the cancer cells from sugar – make them ‘sick’ and improve the effects of the treatments.  Being on an estrogen blocker seems to really be affecting my weight loss efforts. 
Resource: Dom D’agostino – “Fasting and Ketosis.”

35:30 – Nutrition for when life gets busy. 
gwms12 asks: What are some solid habits/nutrition tips to embrace when life gets in the way and to help keep you from throwing hard work away?  A big struggle is that I know what to do but it’s when life throws you curveballs and I just go back to the “easy” which is not always the most health-conscious decision.

38:15 – Nutrition for when you get older. 
mamarusher365 asks: When’s the best time of the day to eat fruits?  So many in natural sugars, that it seems a bowl of. Any combo wouldn’t be so bad to have?
mamarusher365 asks: Do women over 55 need an extra something in our nutritional plan, that we might be losing in our body when working out? I work out 7 days a week, whether bodyweight or weights. Main goals are healthy on the inside, strong on the outside.

41:54 – Nutrition for high school athletes 
Matthewsmithatc05 asks: How complex should nutrition be for high school athletes?

45:05 – Parents listen up…Special message for the kids from Todd and Robert.

47:52 – Caloric Intake Versus Caloric Outtake
jimmillerjrnflagent asks: For 13/14-year-old female soccer players: 
Suggested calorie intake and carb/protein/fat percentage? Some are doubling up on high school cross-country running or volleyball and then coming to our training session that runs 90 minutes. I am concerned they are not fueling properly for the output they are burning, and you know the high schools don’t have a nutritionist on staff to help their athletes regulate.

52:10 – What is MCT Oil
dianadeadlifts asks: What are the benefits of MCT Oil?
Does the timing of creatine supplementation play a big role in how effectively your body will use it whether it’s pre or post-exercise?

1:02:07 – Magnesium Benefits 
shooten1st asks: How should magnesium be taken as a supplement? Any naturally occurring sources of food?  Lots of misinformation out there.
Magnesium Glycinate by Albion

1:04:24 – What’s the best diet for HPA Axis Syndrome
polished_chick9 asks: Dr Golightly diagnosed me with HPA Axis Syndrome. Not only are my adrenals shutting down, but my cholesterol also keeps rising.  I had been on keto then switched to plant-based for 8 months and it went up another 20 points! I am diligently following her supplement protocol but am at a loss as to what to eat.  I eat fruit, veggies, salmon, nuts, and now occasionally chicken and cut out all alcohol. Thoughts?

1:09:35 – How IV therapy affects performance 
turnuptheheat66 asks: What’s your take on IV therapy, specifically for performance base prior to competition and what recipe? How long prior to competition?

1:11:33 – Rapid fire questions for Robert.

  • Best practices
  • What brings you most joy
  • Best book or podcast you’ve read in the past month – Josh Waitzkin 

“The Art of Learning.”

  • What are you most looking forward to in the future

1:15:16 – Parting words from Robert.

* Robert was also on Episode #44 of the IMPACT SHOW titled “Nutrition…Guts, Hormones, Gluten & Coffee” and this was one of our Top 10 listened to thus far out of 215 episodes. If you haven’t listened to it already I highly recommend you go back and listen after listening to this episode.

About Robert Yang:

Robert Yang earned a postgraduate degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport.  He is a certified nutritionist and a certified strength and conditioning specialist.  With over 2 decades of experience he has worked with an array of athletes from the NFL, MLB, NHL, X-Games, PGA & LPGA.  Robert is in high demand as a nutritionist and strength coach for professional athletes, golfers and celebrities. His client roster includes the likes of Ken Block, Michelle Wie, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, Steve Delabar, Pierre-Luc Gagnon, I.K. Kim, Carlota Ciganda, Belen Mozo, Rashaan Salaam, Andy Dalton, Rob Dyrdek, Ben Crane, just to name a few.

He specializes in resolving gut issues, hormonal imbalances and achieving optimal performance. His integrative programs are based on a thorough health history evaluation and use of laboratory testing to determine the individual needs of a client.

As an athlete, husband and father Robert understands the needs of his clients and strives to stay on the cutting edge of training, supplementation, nutrition, rehabilitation and performance enhancement. Robert is continually traveling, researching, and studying the best methods to help individuals achieve their ultimate goal.


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