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Transformational Stories – The Story of Doug Bopst

One of the programs that I take great pride in is my annual 3.5 Day Mentorship Program. It is a very intensive program for fitness professionals on business development, leadership, marketing, and personal development/growth.

There have been countless lives that have been deeply and positively IMPACTED because of the program. And it always brings me great joy to hear and share the stories.

Let’s take a look at the “Transformational Story” of Doug Bopst, standout graduate of 2012 Mentorship.

Doug Bopst, Personal Trainer
The Maryland Athletic Club (Baltimore, MD)

Why did you attend the 3.5 Day Mentorship?

I had begun following Todd a few months before the 3.5 Day Mentorship. I was intrigued because of his involvement with Under Armour and TRX and also knowing that he worked with elite athletes. I then decided I wanted to get connected with him somehow, and I saw he had a mentorship. I attended the 3.5 Day Mentorship seeking ways to improve my company’s business and learn some new tips and tricks to bring home to my clients and to the facility at which I train. Todd’s facility, Fitness Quest 10, treated us like the “Ritz Carlton” during our stay there. Even though we were only there for 3.5 days we were treated as family immediately.

What did you get out of the 3.5 Day Mentorship?  

What I got out of the mentorship has been game changing for me personally and for my business. At first, I thought I would be learning new crazy exercises and workout routines since Todd was a trainer. Instead we learned about life and things we never thought to consider such as our “big 5 goals for life” or even our “big 5 goals for the year.” It made so much sense, how can we think about what we are going to do each day if we don’t know where we want to end up? I found a defined purpose, direction for my business, lifelong connections, and priceless lessons in business and personal development. It was definitely worth the investment, if not double!

How has your life changed since then? 

It has changed my life in countless ways, including making my business as a trainer more successful and profitable. But more importantly, it gave me clarity in life. It has paved a path for me to follow in order to be able to live my purpose each day, and accomplish the things I want. I felt so uplifted after the mentorship, that I immediately joined Todd’s Mastermind Program to continue to stay connected and learn from him.

*If you are looking to take your business to the next level and be Todd’s next “Transformational Story”, here are all the details on our next 3.5 Day Mentorship Program.

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