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Turning 50, Brees Impersonation, & See You at the TOP

I’ve always loved the expression, “You don’t look a day over 50.” Well, today, I’m exactly that–one day over 50. 🙁

Thanks for all your comments on my social media over the weekend. 🙂

I did a special “bonus” podcast episode yesterday called “My 5 Thoughts on Turning 50.”

Take a listen now to this short episode.

Additionally, my FQ10 team & friends crafted a special tribute video that is absolutely hilarious. So many good impersonations and imitations. You’re going to laugh your head off.

Watch now:

As I enter the “2nd Half” of life, I realize that the BEST IS YET TO COME. Truly.

I’m incredibly grateful for so many things and people, and you are one of them. Thank you.

Lastly, one of the things that keeps all of us going is what I call “The Climb.”
You know, the CLIMB to the top.

The process of doing what it takes to be the best you can.
The discipline to do the little things over months & years to be your best.
The vision, dreams, and mission to THINK BIG…and take ACTION on what you want.

My good friend and UFC Lightweight Champion contender Mike Chandler always ends every email, video, or social media post by saying, “SEE YOU AT THE TOP.”

I think that’s his way of saying, “Embrace the Grind, Keep Working, and set your sights on the top of the mountain.”

I love that.

As a matter of fact, I caught up LIVE with Mike Chandler last week in San Diego at Fitness Quest 10 and recorded a new podcast episode with him.

It was just 2-days before it was announced that Mike will be fighting Charles Olivera at UFC 262 for the UFC Lightweight Championship of the World.

This one is going to ignite an absolute inferno in you. Seriously. It’s going to stoke your fire and put an extra bounce in your step, regardless of how old you are!!!!

Check it out now…

Here is what we covered:

  • Why the jump from the face of Bellator to the unknown of the UFC.
  • Mike’s eloquent victory speech after knocking out Dan Hooker in 2:30 of the 1st round at UFC 256.
  • What’s Dana White really like behind the curtains.
  • The best & worst thing about being a UFC fighter.
  • Three pieces of advice from a conversation last Fall.
  • The difficulty & rigors of a UFC Fight “training camp.”
  • The importance of visualization of your goals.
  • What “Get Your Mind Right” means to Mike.
  • The meaning behind Mike’s signature “See you at the Top.”

Get on your gloves, and let’s get ready to rumble as this one is straight fire. There is wisdom. There are lessons. You will truly see the heart of a champion in this episode.

No matter what you do, who you are, or your age, today’s episode will deliver something you can use to GET TO THE TOP!

I’ll see you there.

Much love…keep CLIMBING!


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