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We All Love a DARE, right?

We all love a DARE, right?

“I DARE you to …”

Every week I have a W.O.W. (Word of the Week) to help keep me focused. This week’s WOW is DARE.

As a matter of fact, I will share a DARE with you every day in 3 different categories: physical, mental/emotional, & spiritual to help you live EXTRAORDINARY.

I also am going to welcome you to DARE yourself. What are the things that you would like to do? That you need to do? Maybe you’re even scared to do. Maybe you need to be DARED to do it. DARE yourself.

And lastly, feel free to DARE me back. Heck, I may even accept your DARE if it’s real good. What do you have for me? Bring it on! You get the idea.

All of the DARE’s will take place via my social media channels. You can follow them & interact with me at the following sites (please realize you must LIKE those FB LIKE pages to interact):

1. (my Todd Durkin Like Page)
2. (my Fitness Quest10 Like Page)
3. Twitter — @ToddDurkin (please use the #IDAREU tag after any of your posts)

It’s going to be a fun one. Feel free to take pictures, send videos, and share your thoughts. I want to see some BIG-TIME ACTION this week.

Live extraordinary. I DARE You!


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