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We Talkin’ Success…And Then Some

We’re reversing the conversation today and instead of me interviewing a guest, I have 2 very special guests interviewing me. Larry Indiviglia and Frank Pucher are 2 close friends, colleagues, and confidants who help me with a lot of different business initiatives. I think you are going to enjoy this round-table discussion on topics like high-performance, leadership, success, energy shifts, mindset, and “what’s next” for me. Additionally, you will see why I love and respect these two men so much and how & why they contribute so much to the success of the TD Mastermind. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to share your thoughts over on Instagram, IG stories or Twitter at @ToddDurkin. I’d love to hear your top takeaways!

More about the episode:

 2:20 – Introducing Frank Pucher and Larry Indiviglia
These two fire me up and always help me do my best work. 

Frank Pucher: author of “Smart Money Moves”, 5-time Ironman triathlete, previous owner of New Jersey’s best personal training studio. Driven entrepreneur, industry leader, and Director of Todd Durkin Mastermind Group.

Larry Indiviglia:  A friend for 22 years. A trainer, Todd Durkin Mastermind founding member, and Platinum level coach in the Mastermind. A Naval Academy graduate and Military Veteran.

5:53 – Doing Things Differently
Growth happens when you stop doing what you’ve always done… and choose to do it differently, instead. Learn from those who are already leading in a different way. 

11:00 – Successful Leadership Methods Used at Fitness Quest 10– And How It’s Applied In The Mastermind
1. Leading in every aspect of your life. 2. How to truly connect with your people… and why it’s the only way you can lead successfully.

16:30 – The One Change I Would Have Made Starting
Out Exhaustion doesn’t equal success…. 

17:31 – From Workhorse To Leader
Everything changed when I began to implement Wayne Cotton’s color-coded calendar system…. 

19:26 – The Most Significant Energy Shifts In My Life So Far.
Life is full of energy shifts. Ending my football career, going on NBC STRONG, and starting this podcast… 

24:33 – Inconvenient Opportunities
“Your greatest opportunities are disguised as problems.” -Frank Pucher 

26:29 – The Power Of Competition (And How I Compete Today)
Let’s keep this simple: I compete in everything…

28:53 –  The 3 things I Want My Audiences To Feel And Experience When I’m On Stage.
“The power of ONE”. Will they walk away today with something they will remember for the rest of their life? 

32: 31 – Content vs Intent
It’s the why that matters.

35:11 – The Philosophy Of Little And Often
It is better to be consistently good than occasionally great. 

37:31 – Why The “Success” Never Satisfied Me
My mindset: “I was just getting started.” The more I learned, the more I could give back…

41:04 – My Intention For Creating The Todd Durkin Mastermind?
The power of a team– a collective group of growth-minded individuals. This was how I could help more people.

43:13 – The Biggest Lesson From Many Years of Coaching…. Many Different People.
It’s all about execution. Coaching is about propelling someone out of paralysis. Ideas are nothing unless implemented.  

46:28 – Faith
It starts with a belief in yourself.

46:45 – What Makes Live Events So Powerful
Dream big. Meet the right people. Create an action plan. And get clear on your SELF– so you can execute.

52:19 – Want More? Give More.

52:43 – Getting Outside Of Your Comfort Zone
“You know what you know, you know what you don’t know, but you don’t know what you don’t know, and you need to know. If you are looking to grow you have to be open to new thoughts and ideas.” -Frank Pucher

54:09 – Athletes And Social Media 
A blessing and a curse. Using the platform as an opportunity to spread positivity…

56:10 – What I Think About Jackie Kennedy’s Quote, “If You Bungle Raising Your Children, I Don’t Think Whatever Else You Do Matters Very Much.”
One of my favorite people uses to say “You’re only as happy as your saddest child.” Why I never want to sacrifice the time I spend with my kids…

58:07 – Why Having Control Over Your Time = Success.

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