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What Are You Willing to Die For?

I heard a quote the other day that I absolutely LOVED. Kamilah Stevenson said, “Don’t wait until you’re DYING to really start LIVING.”

Deep thought. Deep quote.

There is another quote I’ve said before from Pastor TD Jakes that says, “You can’t really start LIVING until you are ready to die for something. What are you willing to die for?”

Perhaps even more profound.

Bottom line is this… why do you LIVE? What is your PURPOSE? What is it that fuels your soul?

For me, LIVING is about creating IMPACT every day and inspiring people to be their best. At Fitness Quest 10. When I’m speaking. For those in my Mastermind or who I coach. And for my family.

What is it that I’m willing to DIE for? I’m willing to die for 3 things:

1. My family.

2. Trainers/coaches who are 100% committed to transform people’s lives. I literally love my profession.

3. For my community of fire-breathing dragons who wake up every day NOT feeling perfect but who battle their butts off to bring their best to the world.

Ultimately, I want to make sure that I become the man that God designed me to be. That’s between He and I. But that takes effort. Commitment. Sacrifice. Dedication. Courage. Love. And a lot of faith.

How about you? What is it that you LIVE for and that you are willing to DIE for?

I would love to know what drives you. Hit me up on our Fitness Quest 10 FB page as I just asked this question and want to hear your answer…

Celebrating 20-years at Fitness Quest 10!

When I started Fitness Quest 10 at the age of 29, I didn’t have the same fire as I did today. Check that. I had the same passion but not as deep a purpose.

Let me tell you, it was scary as heck starting my business in January 2000. It was a different climate. Instead of having fitness studios, gyms, and clubs on every other block, there were NONE. Well, there were very few. Now, they are everywhere.

And to think that I had no clients, no money, and no business plan, makes me laugh about what the heck I was doing.

Actually, it has been one heckuva 20-years and I’m very proud of what the team and I have been able to do in our wonderful community of Scripps Ranch and San Diego. And beyond.

As a matter of fact, if you missed my recent episode, #42 of the “Todd Durkin IMPACT Show,” I discussed my “Top 10 Memories in 20 Years of Business.” Listen in now…

My “Top 10 Memories in 20-years of Business”

I received GREAT feedback on that episode and encourage you to listen in. In it, I cover:

• The dream and journey of starting FQ10 and WHY I started it.
• What I felt when starting FQ10… and what I feel now 20-years later.
• My vision.
• And of course, my TOP 10 memories. And they weren’t all “good.”

Listen in on your drive to work. Or when you are dropping the kids off from school. Or during your next run in the neighborhood.

I would love to not only know what you think, I would love for you to know some of the back story of what makes us WHO we are today.

Thanks for being part of our community. It is people like you who DRIVE my team and I to do what we do.

On behalf of the entire Fitness Quest 10 team, thank you for allowing us to live our WHY and help you LIVE YOURS also!

Much love…and Happy 20th anniversary to FQ10!!


P.S. #1: 20th Anniversary Celebrations
We will have several things throughout 2020 to celebrate 20-years of being in business. Stay tuned for upcoming events!

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