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What are you willing to die for?

The recently shared a blog where I talked about your “Moonshot Ideas.” Hopefully, at this point, you’ve defined a few.

Today, I want to talk to you about that one Moonshot Idea ingrained in your heart and soul that never seems to stop churning your insides.

You know, the one that’s “speaking to you,” but you’re afraid to act on it.

It’s the one that keeps whispering in your ear over and over again.

Maybe it’s a dream or a vision you have on how you can change the world.

Perhaps it’s a deep thought that you are convinced can create massive change to mankind and improve millions of people’s health, fitness, nutrition, mindset, or more, if it were to come to fruition.

If we’re being completely honest, it’s something you’re willing to die for.

Let me challenge you with another excellent quote from Naveen Jain about the inspiration for this email:

“What are you willing to die for? Once you’re willing to die for something, then you can really start living.”

WOW. Now that’s deep.

That takes a lot of introspection.

That takes a lot of working on your vision.

That takes a lot of time creating and crafting your dream.

And it takes a lot of courage to stop fearing and start acting on that idea inside of you.

I can relate. In fact, I know what I’m willing to die for.

For many years, I have lived by the mantra I created:

“Play with PASSION…Live with PURPOSE…and CREATE IMPACT!”

To me, it really speaks deep to my soul. It’s both what I”m willing to die for and the deep calling I described above.

Let me explain.

You see, you must have fervor, energy, positivity, enthusiasm, and PASSION in your life. It’s contagious. It’s Contagiasm! 🙂

You must have a deep-seated PURPOSE in your life. That’s why YOU exist. Your purpose is your WHY.

And the IMPACT part. Well, that’s the part that I’m willing to die for.

It’s about giving more than receiving.

It’s about inspiring someone else to live a life worth telling a story about.

It’s about making a difference in your gym, your culture, your community, your city, your state, your country…or even the world.

It’s about dreaming BIG!

And the list goes on…

Back to the original statement, “What are you willing to die for? Once you discover that, you can start living.”

For me, it’s all summed up in that mantra when I say, I LIVE TO CREATE IMPACT. To motivate and inspire people like you to be great. To live your best life. That’s what fires me up.

How about you?

What fires you up?

What motivates you?

What would you be willing to die for so that you can start to LIVE fully?

Answer that question and you are well on your way to creating maximum IMPACT!

Much love….and much LIFE,


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