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What Football Teaches You About LIFE!

Last week I shared one of the lowest athletic moments of my life.

I also shared that lesson proved to be one of the greatest coaching lessons I still apply today. You can read that story here.

Well, what I failed to share in that “low moment” of my athletic career is that it taught me another HUGE lesson.

After that painful loss (that I caused my team) my junior year of football to a big rival of ours, it ended up fueling intense focus, work-ethic, drive, and sacrifice for over 1-year. And I learned a big lesson.

After that loss and junior season, my training became about ONE THING… Redemption against that team. More importantly, redemption for my team and me.

I trained harder than ever before.
I did sprints in the snow and cold of dead-winter in New Jersey.
I pushed myself in “beach workouts” in the summer to the point of near-puking.
I threw more footballs that off-season than I ever had.
Heck, I even punted and kicked more footballs than ever as well.

I visualized success. I “played” the game 1,000 times before I played the game. I heard their incredible band playing their notorious fight-song before kickoff at their place. I saw the “county jail” (literally!) in the background of their field as I envisioned throwing, running, punting, and kicking our team to a victory my senior year on their field.

Low and behold, one year later, it all came to fruition.

On a beautiful, crisp Friday night facing our rival again (Toms River South) at their place, everything went our way, and we dismantled them 28-8.

It turned out to be one of my greatest athletic victories of my life. Not because it was just another “W.,” but I knew that for over 1-year, I trained, ate, slept, and envisioned this exact outcome.


Upon reflection, I realize that I’ve had A LOT of lessons from football in 39-years.

I started playing football when I was 10-years old.
I played football until I was 25-years old.
And for the last 24-years, I’ve been involved in coaching football or training football players in some way, shape, or form.

Today, I’ve decided to share “7 Lessons that Football Has Taught Me About Life.”

Whether you like football, sports, or not, the 7-lessons I share apply to all of life. With over 3-decades of lessons from football, I’m confident these will help you be a better athlete, teammate, leader, entrepreneur, or parent.

Remember, whether you are winning “big” games right now or you are facing some tough “losses” right now, make sure you are moving forward and getting better. It’s all about progress and competing to be your best.

Much love…and lots of lessons.


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