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What happened in Vegas…is NOT staying in Vegas!!

In 2003, I hired a speaking coach to help me with my desire to start to speak both in the fitness industry and to deliver motivational keynotes to companies who wanted to fire-up their employees. I remember giving JUST my coach 60-minute keynotes pretending there were hundreds of people in the room. And it was just HIM in the room!

Admittedly, I was not very good in the beginning. I had a lot of things to work on. I made a lot of “mistakes” early in my career.

16-years later and thousands of talks/speeches/keynotes later, I’m still learning…and still pursuing the mastery of “speaking.” There is never a talk that I don’t review my performance, learn something, and think about how I can apply it to my NEXT performance.

While times have changed and I no longer give “keynotes” to just one person in the room, the pursuit of excellence and mastery is still the same!

In today’s MindRight Maniac, join me over in Las Vegas at a keynote just last week at a gastro-bar franchise called “Bar Louie.” This “Create WOW in Your Business & LIFE!!!” keynote was to 250 GM’s, leaders, and employees from Bar Louie…

Let’s go out to Vegas now and see the action. After all, my hope was “What happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas!!!”

This keynote to Bar Louie resulted in a standing ovation. And that NEVER gets old. To me, that’s like throwing a game-winning touchdown. It makes me want to keep getting BETTER & BETTER!!

In this MRM, I talk about the “Pursuit of Mastery.” It’s a never-ending pursuit. I also share…

How it takes approximately 100-hours of prep time for ONE keynote.
My pre-game routine to make sure my energy is on FIRE on stage.
Some of my biggest mistakes and most embarrassing moments while speaking.
Snippets from onstage during the actual keynote.
And then some…

Regardless of your craft and what you are trying to achieve “Mastery” doing, never stop practicing and pursuing your excellence.

Much love…and much MASTERY!

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