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What happens after “18-Summers” is over?

Many moons ago, when my kids were just about 5, 3, and 1-years old, I shared the story about “18-Summers” and that we only have 18-summers with our kids before they are all grown-up and out of the house.

And that time goes by fast so we must maximize EVERY summer while the kiddos are still young.

Well, I’m approaching a different “season” now.

Luke is 20 now and spending the majority of his summer back in NC (Davidson/Charlotte), training for his upcoming football season at Davidson and working at an internship.

Brady is 18 and leaves for college (High Point University, NC) in less than a month. WOW.

2 kids will be “out of the house”…and that will leave only McKenna (15) in the house solo for the next few years.

Kind of surreal.

I preached about it 15-years ago and I’m glad that I didn’t take any summers for granted…because TIME really does fly by.

Well, what now?

As the kids get older and “grow-up,” they NEVER stop being your kids, right?

To all the parents with kiddos UNDER 18… keep maximizing the “18-Summers” theme and maximize your TIME with those kids while they are still under your roof.

And to all the parents with kiddos now OLDER than 18….Guess what?

It’s STILL all about TIME.

You just have to often work harder for it.

Maybe they live far away.

Maybe they have significant others, spouses, or family.

Maybe they are working full-time building their career or own empire.

How do you get their TIME?

You write them notes, letters, and texts…

You leave them voice messages filled with encouragement, praise, support, and love…

You call them and TALK to them (why don’t kids like talking on the phone these days?! Haha)…

You put things on the calendar in advance that are “concrete.” Sometimes that means even 6 or 12-months in advance.

Maybe it’s a planned trip or vacation together.

Maybe it’s a lunch date or dinner date when you are together.

Or maybe a walk or workout together. Or better yet, even BOTH. 🙂

Heck, for my family, we just got back from an “ALL-UP” family trip to Montana last week. That has been on the books for 7-months. And it was absolutely amazing.

















It’s STILL all about TIME & Creating Memories…

Great TIME in Whitefish, MT last week!!

Personally for me, future-forward, it’s going to be prioritizing going to “most” football games this Fall and a lot of visits back to N.C. (to see both Luke and Brady).

It’s going to be getting something on the books soon for Christmas/New Year’s so we can create even more memories.

And it’s going to be writing lots of notes/letters and leaving many messages to drop some fatherly wisdom.

…all while NOT forgetting that I still have 3-MORE summers with my daughter in the house until she leaves for college also. You can bet that I will be maximizing that TIME!

And at that TIME when Melanie and I do become “empty-nesters,” I’ll be a basket-case and not sure what wisdom I’ll be able to offer. Haha.

It’s all about TIME my friends. With family. Kids. Loved ones. And those special people in our life.  Let’s be sure to maximize it every single day!

I’m sending you my love…because I realize that TIME is short. Enjoy the rest of your SUMMER #IWill J


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