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What is the Secret Sauce to Success?

“What’s the Secret Sauce to Success?”
by Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

I just got back from a rocking Perform Better Summit in Chicago this past weekend. It was awesome. And I loved connecting with the hundreds of fitness pros present.

There is nothing better than seeing hundreds or thousands of inspired “life-transformers” in one room singing, chanting, working out, having fun, getting better, and creating amazing ENERGY!

Regardless of where I speak around the world, many trainers often ask me the same questions. And one of the most frequent questions I get goes something like this:

“What is the top 1 or 2 lessons you could share with me to help me be successful…or the ‘secret sauce’ to create success?”

First things first… you’ve got to have PASSION and PURPOSE. You’re an empty shell without it. So let’s say you’re on fire there. Congrats. You’re half-way.

Most fitness professionals are missing something else.

And it’s not more ropes or foam rollers or med balls. And as much as I love having a diverse toolbox to choose from, there is something far more important to your success.

The missing link is great MENTORING.

I’ve spent the better half of a decade mentoring others in the business – at industry conferences, at my own retreats, in the Todd Durkin Mastermind, and at my 3.5 Day Mentorships.

I’ve seen the benefits first-hand. Great trainers can translate into great entrepreneurs if they have the right coaching.

I want to tell you about one of my star students today. This student has become a “teacher” and I’m proud to share her story.

Who is it? I’ll give you a hint.

Do you remember my story about “WTF?” Don’t worry, WTF means “WHAT THE FOCUS?”

It was included in a presentation from Trina Gray and it knocked me off my chair. It was awesome!

Trina’s message was a reality check for entrepreneurs (including myself). Are we doing what moves our needle the most or are we living in a world dominated by distraction? It’s easy to be distracted these days with tweets and beeps and dings every 10 seconds.

Trina has amassed a lot of knowledge about the business of fitness in the past 10 years as a club owner and speaker in the industry. She doesn’t just hold onto it, she implements it and pays it forward to others.

Let me give you a quick example of the impact of her mentoring. Trina recently met young, eager trainer Liz Sharp at a fitness conference. Liz attended Trina’s sessions, was blown away by her energy and authenticity. Liz followed up for some career guidance and was accepted to Trina’s coaching team. In the first month of working with Trina, Liz launched a 21-day on-line fitness challenge group that raised $800 for charity all while getting people eating better and exercising. All the proceeds benefited a camp for kids with special needs. Liz was looking for a way to combine her passion for fitness and community service. Mission accomplished. Liz grew her brand, her list and her business in less than a month. Trina delivered guidance, concrete ideas and belief in Liz. That is her magic.

Trina has helped literally hundreds of women grow their careers, their impact and their income without giving up their lives. Wow. Read that again.

Trina’s rap sheet is pretty impressive. This gal is on fire in the industry and not slowing down:

  • She is the owner of Bay Athletic Club and Bay Urban Fitness, award winning facilities in Alpena, Michigan.
  • She is the creator of the Corporate Fit Challenge program which has been recognized by both IDEA and IHRSA for its impact on communities worldwide.
  • Trina is an Elite coach and CEO Award Winner for Team Beachbody, chosen out of nearly 250,000 coaches.

Dang. Add to that she’s a wife, mom and very active in her own community as chair of the United Way Campaign and more.

She’s a leader who builds other leaders.

Who does she work with primarily? Trina helps female fitness professionals who have some of these attributes:

  • studio owner, boot camp owner, independent personal trainer or Yoga/Pilates instructor who have their own brand.
  • wife or mom, balancing many roles, who wants to have a rewarding career that is flexible and purposeful.

In addition, Trina works with women who are:

  • seeking mentoring and support from other successful women in the industry.
  • looking to grow income on-line and open to incorporating nutritional products and fitness programs from Beachbody to grow her own brand.
  • community-minded, adventurous, eager for personal development and fiercely positive.

That’s it my friend. I wanted to simply share the spotlight with a gal who I am extremely proud of and is doing amazing things. And she is creating incredible IMPACT worldwide. And having a student create such massive success brings a huge smile to my face!

Mentoring is key. I’ve had lots of great mentors in my life. And now I pride myself on the people I mentor.

Trina Gray is a shining example of what happens when you set lofty goals, get MENTORED, and than take ACTION.

Who is up next?

Much love…


P.S. Would you like to work with Trina?
If you would like to connect with Trina or you would like to even work with or be coached by her, you can do one of 2 things:

1. Find her on-line at and
2. Fill out application (must live in U.S. or Canada) at and set up a live, video chat interview with her.

Check out this FREE Interview I did with Trina!
I had a chance to sit down with Trina for about 20 minutes at a recent industry convention where we were both speaking. She shared some awesome nuggets of wisdom on her journey and tips to success. It’s yours to learn from.

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