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What Would Coach Wolf Say, Leadership, and Q&A’s

I received a great question a few weeks ago from one of our community members who asked, “TD, what leadership lessons would Coach Wolf share with us in a podcast if he were still alive?” Man, I think that’s a great question.  So I went out to the lines and answered that question and six others.

Here are the questions for today’s show:

  • What’s your go-to workout music these days?
  • What’s the most important thing a leader can do for their team?
  • Have you ever considered a Mastermind for Faith-development?
  • Are you still doing intermittent fasting?
  • You often talk about “Tapping into the Whispers.” What’s your favorite whisper you’ve tapped into?
  • How do you bring out the “inner-athlete” in an adult client that’s never competed?

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More on the episode:

1:35 – 1. What’s your go-to workout music?
Yang:  NF, ACDC, Eminem, Metallica, Drake, Rocky IV,
Yin: Chris Tomlin, Hillsong Worship, Mercy Me, Fleetwood Mac, U2

2:41 –  2. What leadership lesson would Coach Wolf share with us in a podcast?
1. Repetition is the key to success; “Run it again”; 20x per practice; Keep it simple.
2. “When you win…it’s about THEM. When you lose, it’s on YOU.” Make it about THEM, not you.
3. Lead in your community; not just on the football field;
4. God first; God, family, football.
5. Create a coaching tree that will cement your legacy.

You are as good as your coaching staff; think about some of the peeps on the staff; it’s about creating the “coaching tree.” (Coach Calabro, Duddy, Kabu, Signorino, Auriemma, Osborne…into Gialenna, Philippones, Caldes, Kleissler, Zdanwociz, etc. The list goes on and on…); IMPACT is empowering other coaches to be great.

Now, I think for me Jeff Bristol, Jesse Dietrick, King, Pucher, Indiviglia, Watson, Poston, Cogswell, and about 150 coaches in my Mastermind that I pour into in all areas…training, leadership, success, faith, life, and relationships…

10:10 –  3. The most important thing a leader can do with their team?
1. Grow them. Teach them regularly;
2. Communicate the mission & vision of the team/company.
3. Show up as the person you want them to be.

14:16 – 4. TD, have you ever considered leading a Mastermind Group for Faith Development?
1. I have thought about making it a part of my coaching group but haven’t considered a separate group.
2. I have considered doing a LIVE worship service once a month.

16:06 – 5. Are you still Int. Fasting.
No. I haven’t been doing it as much recently.

16:35 –  6. You often talk about “Tapping into the Whispers? What’s your favorite whisper you tapped into??
SLOW DOWN…Simplify…Amplify…“Slow down to speed up”

18:53 – 7. How do you bring out the “inner” athlete” an adult client that’s never competed?
1. Set Goals…Weight-loss, run a 5K, do a triathlon, hike a 14K mountain….
2. Find out what motivates them…Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic
3. Set micro goals every week & hold them accountable. Flesh is weak; Mind is weak.

25:50 – Special invitation into my Todd Durkin coaching mastermind group.

26:58 – Special message from Ryan Cairney, a fellow fire breathin dragon!

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