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What’s going to “DIE” before you have new “LIFE”?

I celebrated Palm Sunday yesterday in mass at our local Catholic Church, St. Gregory the Great.

Palm Sunday, or Passion Sunday, as it’s often referred to, brings back some very vivid memories of being a kid and having to sit through the longest mass of the year. As a kid, I used to dread this one day a year in church because the mass lasted so long.

And then in high school, I served as a Eucharistic Minister at Sacred Heart Church in Bay Head, NJ, and was one of the 3 people that participated in the reciting of the “Passion” (I bet that’s a fact you didn’t know!). At least it kept me very in-tune with the 25 minute “gospel.”

But I remember that you always had to stand the entire time during the reciting of the PASSION. And it seemed so boring as a young kid.

But for anyone in any Christian denomination, PASSION Sunday demarks the start of HOLY WEEK. It’s when Peter denied Jesus Christ 3 times and Jesus was eventually tortured and persecuted by Pontius Pilate and his followers. Jesus eventually had a crown of thorns inserted on his head and he was nailed to the cross. He died on “Good Friday.”

This week is HOLY WEEK. And that kicked off yesterday with PASSION (Palm) Sunday. It continues this week with Holy Thursday. Good Friday. Holy Saturday. And of course, this coming Sunday is Easter!

PASSION. I have shared many times about the importance of PASSION to be successful in any venture in life.

Passion. Energy. Enthusiasm. Purpose. All are necessary.

But I want us to think about PASSION differently this week. It’s going to serve as our W.O.W. (WOW) of the week.

Sometimes to tap into your deepest PASSION, something has to die. Old habits. Bad habits. Bad situations. Bad relationships. Mediocre routines. A bad or negative “spirit,” attitude, or outlook.

I want you to tap into the one or two things THIS WEEK that must “DIE” in your life in order for you to have more LIFE.

  • Does it have to do with changing a…
  • Personal habit.
  • Negative “stinking” thinking.
  • Certain bad Nutritional habit.
  • A lazy tendency that is robbing you of peak productivity.
  • An exercise routine.
  • A bad attitude.
  • Your environment (change around your furniture, add greenery, your home-office, your bedroom, etc.)
  • A habit that leads to negative energy (ie., gossip) or lack of productivity (ie, excessive TV).
  • Lack of faith or belief.

Think about it. And then write it down. And then take ACTION on it this week.

Your deepest PASSION is found when you are living your PURPOSE in life.

Your deepest PASSION is also found when you remove the weeds, negative thoughts, energy vampires, and anything or anyone that is robbing you of being your BEST.

It requires Belief. Faith. Fortitude. Strength. Conviction.

At. All. Costs.

Thank you Jesus for teaching us this lesson and giving us the opportunity for life.

I sat through the PASSION today and had a different perspective. And it made me want to share it with you.

Live with PASSION this week my friends. And get ready to RISE-UP next week!


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