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When the House is on Fire – A Deep Discussion with 2 Black Friends

We are in one of the most challenging times in our nation & world’s history. There is so much pain, anger, fear, confusion, hate, and hurt going on right now. After the murder of George Floyd on May 25th, there has been as much turmoil, unrest, and protest over racism, social injustice, racial inequality than I can ever remember.

So for today’s IMPACT Show episode, I decided to take on some of the toughest questions head on to discuss these topics with two of my African-American friends. One is a 13-year standout trainer at Fitness Quest 10 Jeff King and the other gentleman is Pastor Gino Mingo. Gino has been delivering weekly prayer and devotional services at Fitness Quest 10 for the entire length of the pandemic and he’s a 14-year member at Fitness Quest 10.

Both of these men experienced racism at a young age. And both believe there is a better way we can do things now so that we can eventually experience more equality and justice and even less racism. 

Some of the topics/questions we address in today’s episode include:

Why does the killing of George Floyd resonate so much more with the entire country than previous killings of so many other black men & women? Why do you believe the conversation of racial equality has been avoided for so long? What if your house is burning down? What are some action steps that both the white community and the black community can do to enhance racial equality & social justice? What is the answer to all this hurt, pain, and anger?  

Join in on our emotional conversation today as I ask and address the tough questions. Now is the time to start these difficult discussions and I hope it sparks further discussion. With a pledge to seek and find more understanding, deeper peace, and more abundant love, listen in and let’s make progress.

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