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Who Are YOU? By: Hayley Isaacs,M.S.

Being in the fitness industry, we are consumed with bodies! Our own bodies, those of our clients, you name it. So the question I pose to you is this: “If your body as you know it were taken from you (function, appearance etc.), would you know who YOU are? How would it make you feel? Could you love yourself even if your body wasn’t loving you?  Would your ‘self’ be lost with that body?

I raise this issue of body identification as it can be very destructive to your quest for happiness and ultimately your LIFE.  Of course we must take supreme care of this temple we have been given, by moving it and feeding it well.  But the degree to which we base our identity in our body determines our level of contentment or suffering.  And that lies in the mind.  Not to be a downer, but sooner or later your body will begin to wear…induced by illness or simply nature’s course.  Are you prepared? It may sound morbid, but this is about YOUR life, your happiness.

So do yourself a favor and ask the question, “WHO AM I?” Let it marinate a little. Words will begin to pop into your head… write them down…”trainer”, “dad”, “mom”, “doctor”, “teacher” etc. Once you have exhausted your word supply, you’re done!  Congratulations!  And guess what? You have now compiled a list of everything you are NOT!  Crazy, I know!  Those are roles that you play in this drama of life, activities you perform.  So I urge you to continue this self-exploration process.  When you are stumped, realize that your true essence is that which exists in the quiet, still space behind those words.

So make this beautiful holiday season a time of discovery.  Dive deep beneath the waves of the material world into the calm ocean below, and experience the birth of the real YOU.

Peace, Love, & Joy…

Hayley Isaacs, M.S. (Intern)

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