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Who do you want to be a HERO to?

I believe most of us have heroes in our life. These are people who we look up to and their story, heroics, or deeds inspire us to DO BETTER and to BE BETTER.

I had heroes growing up. And I still have them today.

You probably do too.

Likewise, I believe YOU are a hero to somebody, whether you know it or not.

Maybe it’s a son or daughter.
Or your Mom or Dad.
Or to a client.
Or to a young kid on the team you are volunteer coaching.
Or to a complete stranger who you smile at every day and brighten their day.

And I believe ASPIRING to be a hero brings out the best in us.

I’m no different because I aspire to be a hero.

In my newest episode of MindRight Maniac, I reveal WHO I want to be a HERO to and WHY.

Can you guess WHO it might be?
(And it’s not JUST who you probably think it is!)

Folks, this was a special trip to Chicago and it was great to have some of the people who I want to be a HERO to present.

But I never want to waste a single day of my life and I don’t want you to either.

Do me a favor. Hop over to my FB page and let me know 2 things:

1. Who serves as your HERO(s) today?
2. Who are you a HERO to or who do you WANT to be a HERO to?

I hope this episode fires you up and brings out your BEST today. Be GREAT today!!!

Much love…and Be a HERO!


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