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Who Empowers You?

Who Empowers You?
By: Todd Durkin

Success doesn’t happen overnight. And for those of you who are currently facing some challenges or obstacles in your life, know that you WILL get through them. You gotta keep your mind right, your head strong, and you must keep on fighting the good fight.

If you loved my “gut-check system” email, I have some great things coming for you over the next couple weeks.

Many of you already know that the principles that I live by are the cornerstones to my living a life full of PASSION and PURPOSE.

We have less than two months left in 2013 and this is when your mind should start crafting your big goals for 2014. My mentors taught me that the planning process is critical to success and I love sharing what I’ve learned with you. So let’s have some fun dreaming BIG!

Over the next few weeks, I’m on a mission to share with you some of my top “IMPACT Principles,” case studies, and success stories that are going to provide you the mindset, tips, and strategies to play at YOUR very BEST.

Last week, I shared my first IMPACT Principle, which was “Trust Your Gut.”

And today, I want to share another key IMPACT Principle with you. This one has also made a huge difference in my life. And I know it can make a huge difference in yours as well.

IMPACT Principle #2:
Surround yourself with people who EMPOWER you.

Investing in yourself and your inner circle is an ROI that never fails. That deep daily practice is a necessity when shaping your business and life. It comes in many forms: reading, conferences, mentorships, masterminds, your “inner circle” and MUCH more…

Last weekend, I was in the LA area for a family event and I caught up with one of my P10 mastermind members, Vito La Fata, who literally went from short-selling his home and six-figures of debt to creating multiple successful businesses in a very short time.
And I want to share how he did it.

We shot a quick video about the mindset shifts that you must make when your back is against the wall.

Click Here To View The Video

I hope you enjoy this video. It was great to hear from someone that I have had the opportunity to mentor and see his successes along the way. I am excited to continue to share my IMPACT principles with you to help you finish this year strong and to prepare you for your best year yet. Most of all, I hope I can continue to inspire you to TAKE ACTION and create massive IMPACT in your business and personal life.

Much Love… and much IMPACT,


P.S.  This video was shot while my family was down on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica so we kind of did it on the fly. Leave us a comment with your thoughts or if you find yourself ready to start surrounding yourself with more people that who empower you!

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