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Who wants more energy and positivity? Opportunity for 12-people!

I get asked this question all the time, “I’m not a trainer, coach, or health and fitness pro but want to do some life-coaching with you. Is this something you can help me with?”

In the past, the answer has been “No. I don’t have a specific program (outside of Fitness Quest 10) for this YET.”

Well, the time has come.

I’ve been working diligently for the past 6-months on a game-changing, LIFE-changing, COACHING program that is guaranteed to infuse you with as much clarity, energy, positivity, and soul than you’ve had in a long time.

It’s called “IMPACT Coaching” and it’s ONLY 90-Days long. It’s actually only for a handful of people (12) who want an intensive, transformative program for ALL areas of your life and want to work directly with me. 

Check it out now…

I created this program to help YOU…

  • AMP-UP your ENERGY so you can get rejuvenated and revived for the Fall. There WILL be daily motivation. Yes, DAILY MOTIVATION to get your mind right!
  • AMP-UP your health & fitness…NOW. You will receive a 90-day IMPACT-inspired fitness program to amp-up your physical conditioning, as well as your accountability along the way. This will get your body right!
  • AMP-UP your spiritual life. Yep. We will be doing LIVE weekly devotionals and virtual “fellowship” meetings to GET STRONG & EQUIPPED to fight the battles that need to be fought. This will get your soul right! #IronSharpensIron
  • AMP-UP your professional success. This will be intensive personal business coaching that includes monthly 1-1 calls, strategic planning, and specific action steps to help you achieve what you want. This will get your business right!

There is so much MORE to this program. Take a look at all the information and let me know if you have any questions.

Again, this program is geared for anyone seeking high-performance, regardless of your occupation/career. Maybe you are an entrepreneur, an executive, a leader within your company, or you’re a Mom or Dad who desires to restore “balance” back in your life. 

Or perhaps you are a personal-development junkie who just wants to maximize your own potential. Or grow your mindset and soul-set. Or you want clarity and coaching for your career.

The bottom line is that YOU WANT TO GET BETTER…and you are READY FOR CHANGE NOW!!

I am only accepting 12 people into this 90-Day virtual program. I want to make sure it stays small and highly personal.

If you are ready to go the next level in ALL aspects of your life (literally!), NOW is the time to apply for this program. 

We are opening up applications TODAY and we will accept applications through September 3rd so act NOW! The program starts on Monday, September 16th and we will hit the ground running. 

If my new IMPACT Coaching program resonates with you, TAKE ACTION TODAY by applying at

Much love…and a ton of IMPACT!


P.S. There is NO pre-requisite for a certain level of success into this program!

I want the most dedicated individuals who desire to get to the next level…and are willing to do what is necessary to make that happen. Whether you are a millennial or baby-boomer, a millionaire or just meeting your needs, I want the MINDSET of someone who is READY to explode out of the box and truly make massive change & improvement in just 90-days!

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