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Why I Got So Emotional…

I started my gym, Fitness Quest 10, in a small 2,000 square foot strip-mall with no money, no clients, and no business plan. Humble beginnings, to say the least.

Well, last week, I was recording a podcast in the middle of the most “sacred ground” of our current 8,000+ square feet. It’s the 10×10 “open area” that I started training all my clients and eventual pro athletes…and is now called “The ROOTS.”

It was the first time I was ever recording a podcast in the ROOTS. And within minutes of starting the podcast, I got emotional, like real emotional.

“Why did I get emotional?”

I recorded the podcast with 4 of our “graduating” interns, and they had never heard the entire story from me.

And it took me back to the beginnings when it all started. 

When life was simple. Not easy. But simple. 

And I reflected on the memories of those who trained there. It took me back to sitting cross-legged in that space and visualizing my studio with vibrant energy and people buzzing everywhere.

And I felt every emotion that I felt back in January 2000, when that dream was just starting.

Please listen to the first 10-minutes of my episode (or the entire episode!) to completely experience my emotion upon reflecting on the “ROOTS.” 

I promise you that THIS one is special.

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Why I Got Emotional in the ROOTS with the Interns!

What is your DREAM?

Perhaps you get emotional when you reflect upon your “Roots.”

Or perhaps you get emotional when you think about the future and what is about to be manifested for your business, career, or life.

I’m leading a program right now in my Mastermind Group and those I coach called “God-Sized DREAMS.”

Your “G.S.D.” is your big, ultimate divine dream and purpose in life and manifesting your destiny.

Maybe you are doing that now. Congratulations.

Or perhaps you are on the cusp of a major breakthrough. Keep going.

Or maybe you need a complete 180-degree pivot to turn things around. Things WILL turn around.

I know the one thing that keeps me fired-up right now is the mantra “The best is yet to come.”

Seriously. The best is yet to come.

When you spend time working on your vision, evolution, dream, and what God has planned for you, I believe that the BEST IS YET TO COME.

How about you? Do you believe your BEST IS YET TO COME also?

I hope so. My plea to you is to make sure you “GET YOUR MIND RIGHT” and are ready to manifest your destiny.

Are you ready to maximize your G.S.D.? If so, here are five ways to ensure you are doing that:

  1. Double-down on your personal care
    Training. Nutrition. Recovery. No excuses. Find a way!
  2. Spend more quiet-time tapping into the whispers. 
    For me, the closer I get to where I want to go, the more time I need in prayer. Whether it’s 5-10 minutes or 30-60 minutes, I promise you that tapping into your whispers pays great dividends.
  3. Iron sharpens Iron. Don’t be hanging near or around any “dream-killers” anytime soon. There are way too many “Negative Nelly’s” out there who will shoot you down and steal your dreams. No, thank you. 
    Like you need “iron” around you, you need to be the “iron” for others. Sharpen the sword baby!
    I don’t need to say much more. Snap your band. Read my book. And take hold of your mindset and attitude. Life either knocks you down and keeps you down, or you choose to get up and make the most of a tough time. #GetUp
  5. Never Forget Where you Came From.
    I came from humble beginnings way before opening my business. 
    I grew up the youngest of 8-kids with divorced parents and little money. I was the lunch-ticket kid.
    The town I grew up in (Brick, NJ) is a blue-collar town with a renown and heralded sports tradition (mainly football and hockey). I wouldn’t trade it for the world as it’s part of my DNA.
    Growing up there laid roots for me that served me when I eventually opened up my business.
    Last I checked, everyone has a unique story. You know, most have had difficulty, faced tough times, and had to overcome challenging odds. 
    Some more than others.

Why do I share this today?

To remind you WHO you are.
To remind you that we got this. 
To remind you to lean INTO your community and loved ones right now.
To remind you that others are counting on you.
To remind you to dig down deep as you have your entire life still in front of you. 
To remind you to workout. 
To remind you to eat right.
To remind you to get an accountability partner or coach.
To remind you to choose FAITH over FEAR.
To remind you that you are way STRONGER than you think.
To remind you that you were built for times like this.
To remind you that The BEST IS YET TO COME…even if you don’t know yet what that is.

Let’s KEEP THE MIND RIGHT and keep battlin…and yes, keep DREAMING and remembering your ROOTS!!!

Much love… stay STRONG. #LiveGSD


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