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Why my son chose High Point University over Princeton University…

I dropped Brady off for college this past weekend.

Ever since he was very young, he wanted to go to Princeton University. Heck, he even created from the campus at Princeton when he was about 10-years old.

But Brady’s not going to Princeton. He didn’t get in there. He actually didn’t even apply.

But he did go to a “better” place…it’s called High Point University (NC).

Wait, what? “You’re telling me that High Point University is better than Princeton?” I bet you’re thinking.

Yes I am. Kinda. Let me explain.

There is a RIGHT place for everyone. And “H.P.U.” is the right place for Brady. It is better for HIM.









Dropping Brady off to High-Point University (NC)

for his Freshman Year


5 Reasons why Brady knew High Point University was for him:

  1. When he stepped on campus and saw their slogan of America’s “Premier Life-Skills University” and “Choose to be Extraordinary.” And then he saw that the programs, facilities, housing, food, and overall environment to support their mission. He knew then that there were not just “words” the fabric of their DNA…and that it was the right fit for him.


  1. Their program in “Media Production & Entrepreneurship.” While Brady doesn’t know exactly what he wants to be “when he grows up,” he knows he has a keen interest in business, media, cinematography, and helping people.


And when he saw some of the esteemed alums who serve on the Board of Advisors and come to that department every semester to speak. People like Steve Wazniak (co-founder of Apple), Marc Randolph (co-founder of Netflix), John Maxwell (best-selling author and expert on leadership), and Dean Cain (American actor and Superman!) to name just a few. He knew H.P.U’s top ranking in this field and he wanted to be part of it and the network of esteemed faculty and alumni.


  1. “God. Family. Country.” He felt right at home when he saw their ideals and values plastered all over campus, despite not being a “religious” school or having a religious affiliation.

  1. It’s only one-hour from his brother Luke who is at college an hour away (Davidson College, NC).
  1. Nido Qubein. The president of High Point University. I’ve never seen a college President like this guy and I’ve been enamored since meeting him last year.

He’s a motivational speaker.

He’s an esteemed author with some extraordinary books.

And when he “reinvented” himself in his 50’s (year 2005) and went INTO higher-education, he soon became President of High Point. He has now been there for 18-years. WOW.

Nido Qubein has Transformed High Point University


Since being the President at High Point, check out HOW he has transformed this place since 2005…

  • When he started in 2005, there were only 1,673 students. Now there are 6,000 undergraduate and graduate students.
  • $3.1 Billion has been invested into HPU’s academics, campus, student services, and athletics.
  • Total campus assets have increased by 1,864%, growing to more than $1.1 billion.
  • HPU now has 13 academic schools and added 10 of those since 2005.
  • Nearly $700 million has been raised without a formal campaign.
  • The energy and culture on campus is contagious as it’s clean, pristine, and you don’t want to leave.

Heck, I saw Nido speak at a freshman orientation earlier this summer for 2-hours and he had the energy of someone ½ his age and he captivated the audience the entire time. I could have listened to this guy speak ALL day. Literally.

He sends out DAILY motivational messages to the students AND the parents.

He goes to the “commons” and greets students weekly.

And he passes out ice-cream to the students on Friday’s at one of their iconic spots on campus.

Come-on? This just doesn’t happen in today’s higher-educational system, often-filled with so much bureaucracy and red-tape.

But it does at High Point and Nido Qubein is leading the charge.

And I love everything about it.

Go have fun Brady. And don’t forget WHY you’re there.

There is a right place for everyone. And it doesn’t always have to be the dream school you dreamt of when you were a mere child in middle school. Find the right place for you, immerse in it, and then use these FOUR years to study, learn, grow, network, socialize (not too much!), and have some FUN!!!

So while Melanie and I might be a bit sad, we really are more pumped that he found his “home” for the next four years at a special place that will be pivotal in his growth over the next several years.

Only one more kid in the “nest” now…and soon enough, she will be in the same boat.

Until then, I’m just trying to make time slow down.

Much love and remember…CHOOSE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY!



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