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Why this may have been my best retreat…EVER!

I hosted my 12th Annual Mastermind Retreat here in San Diego, CA. We had 116 fire-breathing dragons from 28-states and 3 countries (Venezuela, Bahamas, and Canada). The ENERGY was as deep as it’s ever been and it probably was my best retreat to date.

The theme of the Retreat this year was “MANIFEST GREATNESS.” So everything I did revolved around cultivating the greatness that ALREADY exists inside.

This included workouts. Deep talks. Life-coaching exercises. Business-growth and development exercises. And having a few special guest presenters.

Yes, I had Super Bowl Champion Steve Weatherford talk on “Story-Telling Branding” on Day 1.

And I shocked all in attendance (including my own team) when I introduced Drew Brees as my surprise guest speaker on Day 2. Could you imagine the look on the faces of those in attendance when they saw Drew walking up to the stage from the back of the room? #AbsolutelyPriceless


Take a look at today’s “MANIFEST GREATNESS” MindRight Maniac” episode and I hope it ignites a spark inside of you also!

In addition to the incredible guest presenters and all the “exercises” throughout the weekend, we also had a first-time “Church Session with TD” on Sunday AM. I believe it’s what took this retreat from one of my best ever to THE best one yet!

American Idol contestant and standout gospel singer (as well as extraordinary trainer/coach) Talia Walsh and her musical accomplice, Dan Dalrymple, conducted one of the most extraordinary sessions of the entire weekend as they played some of my favorite church songs and Talia gave her powerful testimony.

I truly believe in order to MANIFEST GREATNESS, you must have your body, mind, and soul all singing. And that’s exactly what we did!

Create a great week… and be sure that you MANIFEST GREATNESS in all you do.

Much love,

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