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WOW Your Clients With Body Work Techniques

Getting regular bodywork and working on flexibility can easily turn into an afterthought.  We often find ourselves pressed for time just to get our workouts in and are left with 3 minutes (if we are lucky) to stretch.  And getting regular massages? — Forget about it!  As much as we know how great it is for our body and how it completes our training program; bodywork and flexibility often times get the short end of the stick.

Similarly, when we are running sessions with our clients it can also be a challenge to provide enough time at the end of an hour-long session to provide a proper cool down.   We also talk up our massage therapists at the end of every session and recommend that they come in for regular body-work but how often is it happening?

Here are a couple of resources that you as a trainer can add to your tool kit, Optimal Performance Bodywork by Todd Durkin.  In this 4 disc DVD Bundle, you will learn  techniques to WOW your clients and implement that much needed body work into their sessions.  Click Here to learn more about these DVDs and for this month receive Flexibility for Performance FREE with the purchase of the Optimal Performance Bodywork Bundle.  Practice the body work techniques with a fellow trainer and get some of that much needed alignment work yourself!

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