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Your Hall of Fame Speech!

The first weekend in August is always a special time. It is the NFL PRO Football’s Hall of Fame (HOF) Induction weekend for the latest “class” of retired Pros who have been voted to join a select group of only 295 players who have been enshrined over the 52 years of the Hall’s existence.

The NFL HOF is located in Canton, Ohio, and although I have never attended a NFL HOF ceremony (I hope to in 2018 when LaDainian Tomlinson is elected), I hear the city of Canton really embraces all the people who attend the event; players, former players, coaches, families, friends, and of course the many fans who flock to Canton to support their favorite NFL player entering the HALL. It is a warm, reflective, festive, emotional, fun and inspiring event.

And the highlight of the HOF weekend is when each newly elected player delivers his induction speech and the bronze “bust’ statute of that player is unveiled, thus cementing that player’s name in history.

Each year I make it a point to watch and listen to the ceremony and induction speeches of the latest “Class” to be enshrined. This year was no exception, although I was not able to watch the ceremony LIVE due to my teaching at Perform Better in Long Beach.

Some of the speeches are animated, others more reflective and subdued, some of the players have a “theme” to their speeches, others just speak from the heart with few prepared remarks. And there were some good speeches again this year.

When I listened to the speeches, there was one common bond amongst ALL speeches: PEOPLE. All of them had special PEOPLE in their lives who supported them on their journey. Moms and Dads, spouses,brothers, sisters, grandparents, coaches (from Pop Warner to the pros), teachers, teammates, and children.

These are PEOPLE who paid attention to them, made them laugh, made them cry, consoled them, counseled them, challenged them, coached them, cared for them, mentored them, parented them, supported them, BELIEVED in them, and LOVED them. And made a massive difference in their life.

As NFL HOF QB Terry Bradshaw said at his induction some years back, “My induction into the Hall of Fame would not be worth a ‘hill of beans’ if I did not have PEOPLE who LOVED me and could share this honor with me.”

The WOW this week is “PEOPLE.”

As coaches, trainers, life-transformers, athletes, teammates, teachers, spouses, friends, children, siblings, and perhaps parents, we ALL are PEOPLE who make a difference in other PEOPLE’s lives. Remember that. Regardless of your occupation or role, you never know WHO or WHEN you are going to IMPACT someone. A child, an athlete, a co-worker, a client, someone at the gym, or a random person at the grocery store or bus stop.

Take 10 minutes this week and write down ALL the PEOPLE who you should thank in your life. You don’t have to be going into the HOF to give recognition. But often there are people in your life who have IMPACTED you to help you get you where you are at today. WHO are they? And when was the last time you said “THANK YOU.”

AND REMEMBER these 2 things:

“APERSON is a PERSON through other PERSONS.” Desmond Tutu

“Ask yourself what you want PEOPLE to do for you; then grab the initiative and do it for them!” Luke 6:31 

LOVE PEOPLE unconditionally this week (and every week!) and they will LOVE YOU back!!

Much love, much grace, and many thanks… to many PEOPLE.


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