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Your Marketing Filter

Your Marketing Filter 
By: Lindsey Richardson, Director of Marketing Fitness Quest 10

Do you look at marketing and shake in fear when you hear the word? Or say “I am not good at marketing?” Let me let you in on a little secret. Truth is, by following a few simple rules, we ALL have the potential to be good at marketing. In fact, marketing is actually quite simple, but most people overcomplicate it because we are human, and anything we are fearful of we overcomplicate!

Simple huh? You might be laughing right about now and saying “It’s simple for you because that is what you do for a profession.” But with anything in life, it is all about the approach you take and the attitude you have.

My first tip this month to help you simplify your marketing, is creating a marketing filter. If you follow this marketing filter each time you create an event, promotion, or any form of marketing material, I guarantee you, your campaign will be successful. Caution: Only read on if you are willing to do what it takes to make your marketing state of the art!

Creating your Marketing Filter

Before you create your marketing campaign, you need a marketing filter. A marketing filter is something you should be running all of your marketing through, very similar to a brand filter. Your filter doesn’t need to be fancy, or graphically appealing, this is something just for you. Your filter should contain a few key questions, and the answer should be yes to each of them before you put any marketing campaigns out to your business.

The questions include the following:

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  • Does your marketing campaign make you come alive?
  • Does this campaign resonate with my team?
  • Is it in-line with my brand?


Does your marketing campaign make you come alive?

Ever had an idea that you want to scream from the rooftops about? You want to tell everyone about? This is an idea that makes you come alive. Capture this feeling, and make sure you get that same feeling whenever you think about your marketing campaigns.

Does this campaign resonate with my team?

Don’t be afraid to ask your team, if your marketing campaign doesn’t resonate with  them, do you think that they are going to tell all of their clients about it? Your team is your #1 resource for spreading the word. They will only spread the word about campaigns that make them come alive.

Is it in-line with my brand?

This is huge! Does this campaign represent the WHY behind what you do? Not only should the messaging be in line with your brand, you need to also make sure the whole concept is in-line with your brand’s mission and purpose. If the reason why you are in business is to spread health and wellness to your community, you probably won’t be doing a martini night at your gym. Now, this may be an extreme example, but remember, whatever you put out there is a representation of your business, whether it be an event, t-shirt, marketing flyer, email blast, facebook message etc.

If the answers are yes to all of these questions, proceed. If they are no, go back to the drawing board and use the feedback you received from your team to help you make changes. I see the fear in your eyes for the amount of time going back to the drawing board takes, but you have 2 choices. Choice one, put out a campaign that you aren’t passionate about and your team isn’t passionate about and ask yourself why no one is coming in as a result of it or signing up. OR, choice 2, take the time to create your campaign, make sure you are only putting out there what you are all passionate about, and run a successful campaign. The choice is yours, but please don’t email me wondering why your campaign didn’t work if you made choice number 1. If you made choice number 2, then we can talk.

If you only take one thing from this article, take this. Consistency is key in marketing. What you put out there needs to be consistent with your brand, who you are and your purpose and mission as a company. A “marketing filter,” will allow you to give the same consistent & quality experience each time to your clients. So, celebrate your brand, who you are, and why you do what you do!

Until next time, lets keep it simple!


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