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18 Summers

I have my son Brady over here in AZ with me at this Genius Network meeting I’m attending for high-performing entrepreneurs. At the end of the day yesterday around 6 pm, Brady says to me, “I wish the meeting was even longer…I loved it.”

I kind of smiled and thought to myself, “Wow, I think he has the entrepreneurial spirit.” I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not (:)) but he definitely is wired to think like one.

So a few years ago, I started a tradition where each of my 3 kids gets to choose one business trip per year they can go on with me solo and be my sidekick. It could be an industry event where I’m presenting, one of my own events I’m hosting, or one that I’m just attending for my own growth and learning. But they get me 1-1.

So at the beginning of the year, Brady chose this event.

WHY? Because he says he “wants to be an entrepreneur.”

There are lots of great benefits of having one of your kids with you on a business trip:

  1. Meals together.
  2. Hotel time to just chat about life.
  3. Time at the meeting.
  4. Time together in the gym.
  5. Just hanging together and getting in quality TIME.

So when we landed in Phoenix the other day, we were in the car and I asked Brady if he knew what a mentor was?

He said, “Yes, a mentor is someone who is your idol.”

I laughed and said, “Well not really son. A mentor is a teacher, a guide, someone who can share sage wisdom to help you in certain areas of your life. Relationships. Business. Leadership. Physical health. Mentors are people who have great knowledge and experience and can greatly IMPACT your life.”
(See my “5 Ways A Mentor Will Change Your Life” blog I just posted).

Brady just smiled and gave me the most precious look and said, “Dad, you and Walt Disney are my mentors.” I just about started crying!

During one of the talks yesterday at the meeting, Joel Weldon talked about “18 Summers.” He asked everyone in the audience who had kids under 18-years of age to raise their hands. 75% of the people raised their hands. Including yours truly.

He said, “You have 18 summers with your kids from the time they are born to create amazing experiences with them. Be sure to make the most of each one of them.” #WOW!!!!

Great, powerful reminder as many of us who have kids move into summer time and are creating plans.

It’s always the TIME spent together that is the most precious thing we can do with our loved ones. Today, I’m pumped to spend another full day with Brady immersed in personal and professional growth. It fuels the human spirit. It deepens big dreams. And sometimes it even offers the opportunity to spend valuable TIME together with your most precious loved ones.

Create an incredible weekend and make sure as you make your summer plans, you’re also planning to create amazing experiences. #IAm

Much love and many good times together,


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