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5 Ways A Mentor Will Change Your Life

There’s nothing more powerful than the impact of a mentor. While many of you know mentoring makes my soul sing (my 3.5 Day Mentorship Program has been going strong for 10+ years and 18 sessions), I’ve also been a mentee; benefitting from the wisdom of others. Thanks to these relationships, I’ve exceeded my own expectations and continued to crush the biggest of my BHAGs (big, hairy, audacious goals). Here’s how a mentor can — and will — change your life.

    1. Long-Term Personal & Professional Development: I always say everyone needs a coach and there’s no better coach than a mentor (heck, even the Dalai Lama had a spiritual coach). To achieve maximum significance in your life, you need to surround yourself with thoroughbreds you can learn and grow from, and the process starts with securing a mentor. #NoDonkeys
    2. Developing Skills From Those Who Have Been There Before: There’s no need to operate on an island. By working with a mentor, you’ll learn how to navigate obstacles from someone who has been there and beat them before. Success leaves clues, my friends. A great mentor is full of helpful hints to guide you on the bumpy road to world class.
    3. Opening Your Mind & Eyes To Different Perspectives: Sometimes you need a slap in the face to get woken up. Believe it or not, after my debilitating, football-induced back injury, I was dead set on taking the field again. Luckily, my mentor at the time, Dub Leigh, literally slapped me silly and made it crystal-clear that it was time to embark on a new journey. A great mentor will pull the blinders from your eyes and shine a light on paths you may not have uncovered on your own.
    4. Challenging, Encouraging, & Inspiring You: Talk about a trifecta of amazing abilities. A mentor serves as your personal advocate and has the ability to push you, support you, and motivate you in ways no one else can. Even world-class performers need this crucial combination to achieve their lofty goals.
    5. Saving You Time, Energy, & Money: High-performers need to move fast, and a great mentor will accelerate your results. Do you want to walk to the finish line and drop to your knees, or sprint through that sucker and take on your next challenge? Speed matters on the road to world class and your mentor will save you time, energy, and money by filling your tank with rocket fuel.

And then some…

How about I serve as your mentor? I recently dove deep into my soul and decided to share with you the opportunity to experience my recent 3.5 Day Mentorship Program ONLINE. My best, most-exclusive content can now be yours for life, as I’ve turned my 3.5 Day Live Mentorship Program into an online library filled with 20+ hours of video presentations from my most recent mentorship event. Allow my team and me to mentor you straight from your phone, smart TV, computer, or tablet — whenever you’d like — by purchasing my Online Mentorship here. I personally guarantee the value you will receive is off the charts.

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