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5 things to help you stop Worrying Now…

Am I the only one or do things seem really “busy” right now?

Heck, there’s a lot on everyone’s plate and maybe you’re trying to be superman or superwoman. Or Super Dad or Super Mom. Or super boss/leader.

And that often leads to feeling “less than” super. And that often leads to stress, overwhelm, or worry.  

I was reading some scripture this morning that says “Do not worry about tomorrow, as tomorrow will have enough trouble of its own. Isn’t today’s strength sufficient enough for tomorrow’s struggles.” ~Matthew 6:34

Have you noticed that the busier you are, the easier it is to “worry.”

“Am I getting it all done?”
“Am I doing a good job?”
“Am I going to be able to achieve what I want?”
“Will I be able to change my financial situation?”
“Why do I have so much on my plate?”
“What if things crash & burn?”
“What if we hit an economic downturn?”
“What if something bad happens to my kids or family?”

It goes on and on…

Here are a few solutions to the overwhelm which can lead so stress, angst, and worry:

  1. Reduce the actual number of things on your list. Yes, maybe you do have too much on your plate. Say “no” to more things. Remember, if it’s not a “9”, it’s a NO.
  2. Be where your feet are. Regardless of how much or little is on your plate, it’s easy to be thinking about “what’s next.” What’s coming up in the next hour, the next day, next week, next month, etc. There is nothing wrong with planning & dreaming, as a matter of fact I advise it. I just say to make sure you FOCUS on where you are and work on things that MATTER most.
  3. Eliminate distractions. Too many distractions are not good, especially when you’re doing meaningful work. ‘Nough said.
  4. Pray more. I find that the more I pray, the less I worry. I need to do a better job about praying…MORE. Now is a great time to pray for strength, clarity, hope, vitality, focus, and faith. I need to pray to DO LESS so I can DO MORE. Does that make sense or am I the only one?
  5. Workout more. Seems like workouts and prayer are the answer to many things. But truth be told, if I’m not training, exercising and moving my body most days of the week, ‘worry’, fear, angst, etc. creep their way into the dome way more than they should, than they need to be, or that they are welcomed to be. It just helps GET THE MIND RIGHT, which helps STOP the worrying.

Actually, I have TWO more things…

  1. Do work that matters. When you are doing work that matters and you know you are making a difference, you worry less. Why is that? Because you are focused on what you can do NOW which will help you with what you are going to do NEXT.
  2. No living in fear…no living in scarcity. It’s easy to slip into that mindset. And it’s NOT fun. It’s not healthy. If that’s you, change it today. Declare that today you will live in a happy state. A state of peace and gratitude.

    Declare today is the day that you turn things around.
    Declare today is the day you make the right choices to help your health, fitness, and vitality.
    Declare today is the day that your fear becomes your fuel. That your fear is overcome with the belief that tomorrow will be even better than today.

That’s it. I wanted to share from the heart today. If you are feeling any sense of overwhelm or worry today, do something that matters. Workout. Pray. Eliminate any distractions that don’t really matter. Choose faith and fortitude over fear. Focus on what you have to do today and do work that matters. And be where you are RIGHT NOW.


Sending you lots of peace, love, happiness, harmony, and… IMPACT TODAY!

Much love,


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