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5 Ways to Heat Up Your Motivation

Yoo-hoo!! Yeah, you know who it is… I’m in all-out motivation mode, baby. It’s my busy season; the calendar’s chock full of Perform Better presentations, keynotes across the globe, countless camps, and off-season athletes, and as the San Diego sun is shining down on Fitness Quest 10, the heat got me extra energized to hop on TD TV and deliver YOU a heaping dose of motivation. While others are poppin’ on the AC and “cooling off” during the dog days of summer, you’ll be turning the thermostat up and operating at world-class levels after checking out the following tips to heat up your motivation.


Preparation Is The Key To Success: This old adage is timeless, my friends. Think about what you can do to better prepare, and don’t delay taking action. Are you digging into the details and visualizing success in every aspect of your life? Athletes, are you cranking out mental reps away from the sidelines, huddle, court, etc.? Trainers, are you putting together fine-tuned programs before you’re tied to the trenches training your clients? Preparation breeds confidence, attitude, and expertise, all of which are irreplaceable ingredients of success.

Your Body Is Your Temple… Treat It That Way: From your fuel to your recovery, all of your actions form the building blocks of your temple, AKA your body. Do you dream of standing tall amidst other iconic structures, or are you crumbling to the ground in a cloud of dust atop a poor foundation? Eat right, train hard, and regularly recover (here are a few recovery strategies I live by), and your body will reward you by withstanding the test of time. What’s more motivating than that!?

Eat To Win: Are you blasting body fat or cheat weekin’ your way to extra weight? Hydrate with water (minimum half your bodyweight in ounces daily), maximize your muscle with meats like chicken and turkey, stay energized with fruits and veggies, and keep lean by supplementing with ultra-clean protein (my friends at Ascent Protein have the best stuff on the market). Food is your fuel and if you’re ever wondering where I get my energy, take a look in the tank. I’m always flowing with rocket fuel by eating to win.

Get Your Mind Right: If you know me, you know I’ve been preaching #GetYourMindRight since the early days. Heck, I’m talking back when LaDainian Tomlinson was leaping defenders and turnin’ on the jets in the early 2000’s. Whether you’re a Hall-of-Fame athlete, weekend warrior, or fitness professional, embracing the grind and getting your mind right is an every single day kinda thing. Maximize this mentality by reading more, hanging out with thoroughbreds, and living by the life rules that make you your best self (here are my 13 life rules to use as inspiration for yours), and you’ll have zero problems staying motivated.  

Feed Your Spirit, Feed Your Soul: Fuel the fire in your belly by doing the things you love to do. What is it that makes your soul sing? For me, things like taking the stage to give a TD talk, going hard in the trenches, and putting pen to paper (The Impact! Body Plan and The WOW Book hold special places in my heart), fuel my passion, inspire my mind, and keep my motivation on point. Simply put, do more of what you love and you’ll never need to worry about missing motivation.

Did that light a fire under backside or what? Action creates motivation, my friends. So, what are you waiting for? Take the techniques above and fuel those flames!

PS: I deliver a weekly dose of motivation straight to your cell phone and inbox every Monday morning via quick videos and rapid-fire content we call the “Dose of Durkin.” Get your free “dose” of motivation by signing up here.


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