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7 Top Tips to Be a Legendary Trainer

7 Top Tips To Be A Legendary Trainer

Legends leave legacies, and if you’re reading this, I know you’re passionate about leaving a lasting mark on the lives you touch — and I’m just as passionate about helping you do so. Heck, I’m so passionate about this, you’ll catch me spitting, slobbering, and sweating on the screen in the TD TV episode below. Everyone has a life worth telling a story about, and the following tips will ensure your life story is legendary.


  1. Walk The Talk: Top-tier trainers live by what they teach and preach to others. Simply put, they don’t just say, they do. Hence the old adage, “easier said than done.” If achieving legendary status was easy, we’d all have shrines in the fitness hall of fame.  Need some examples? I recently took to Facebook Live (AKA TD TV) to share my ‘13 Life Rule For Being My Best Self,’ and as you’ll see, these best practices are my way of walking the talk.   
  2. Be Extraordinary In All You Do: If you want to be mentioned in the same breath as folks like Jack LaLanne, you need to tow 70 boats with 70 people 1.5 miles while shackled and handcuffed… gotcha! While I’m (slightly) kidding, when I think of legends, I picture ‘Jumping Jack’, and that was one of many extraordinary feats the ‘Godfather of Fitness’ accomplished (and he was 70 years old at the time!). Legendary and extraordinary go hand-in-hand. Strive to be extraordinary in all you do, and legendary status will be a by-product of your achievements. And I have to mention, I’m incredibly humbled and honored to be the recipient of the 2017 Jack LaLanne Award!
  3. Be Bold: As I talk about in my 3.5 Day Mentorship, there is only one YOU. And you’re not here to be average (I know this, because you’re reading this). What makes you unique and what are your special gifts? We all have them. The people who are bold enough to push past fear and share those gifts are the ones who will forever be remembered as legends.  
  4. Motivate & Inspire People Deeply: How do you go deep? Well, trainers, it’s not just about your clients’ bodies. You have to get in each individual’s body, mind, and spirit to truly motivate and inspire them beyond a 60-minute training session. Sure, world-class trainers are the best in the business at getting world-class results, but legendary trainers are top of mind and top of heart long after the sweat is done pouring on the gym floor.
  5. Be A Lifelong Learner: Commit a minimum of 30 minutes to learning every single day. Whether reading a personal development book, studying for a certification, listening to a podcast or audiobook (stay tuned for The WOW Audiobook!), or attending a live event, legends are always learning. Heck, not only do I lead masterminds, I’m also in masterminds. If you’re looking for learning opportunities, now’s the time to take advantage of my 3.5 Day Online Mentorship. This is my best, most-exclusive content, straight from my annual live event. If you can’t make it to San Diego — nothing replaces the power of a live event — this exclusive online package is the next best thing, and I guarantee if you implement what you learn, it will make you legendary.  
  6. Care More: Don’t worry about being the smartest person in the room (in fact, if you are the smartest person in the room, you need to find a new room!). Instead, be the person who cares the most in the room. Caring starts with listening, and we have two ears and one mouth so we can listen twice as much as we speak. Beyond opening your ears, be sure you’re always “in the game.” As trainers, we need to be laser-focused in each session by getting in our coaching stance and matching the energy (and maybe even the sweat!) we’re requiring from our clients. Remember, people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  
  7. As You Go, So Goes Your Business: It all culminates with this: You can only take others as far as you take yourself. Your head, heart, and hunger can be the roadblocks OR rocket fuel on your path to legendary status. While we’re always working on others, we also need to be sure we’re investing in ourselves, as all aspects of our lives play a crucial role in our life stories.


My friends, if you’re standing still, someone’s catching up. I challenge you to take these 7 teachings and dive deep on making them realities in your own life. Legends refuse to accept anything but the best, and by doing so, the best is what they achieve. I can’t wait to see your name next to the greats like Jack LaLanne, Augie Nieto, and other industry legends.


P.S. I firmly believe mentors change lives, and legendary people often had legendary mentors. Want me to mentor you? My 3.5 Day Mentorship is available online for a limited-time only, and features 20+ hours of video presentations by industry experts and yours truly. In it, we go deep on business, life, and YOU, and I assure you, this product is worth more than 10 times the nominal fee we are charging for it. If you truly want to become legendary, consider investing in my 3.5 Day Online Mentorship, and owning the game-changing content from my most recent Mentorship event for LIFE.

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