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A Conversation with one of the Top Ski Instructors in the World | Ep. 338 (VIP Series) with Jenn Lockwood

My friends, I’m about to go skiing for the first time in over 4-years at the end of January.

So I needed to consult with the #1 person I know in the world on this. Her name is Jennifer Lockwood and you’re going to want to know her if you are into skiing and fitness. She’s a pro amongst pros. She’s a fit-pro who has been changing lives for more than 30-years. And she’s an elite skier, instructor, and pro who knows the snow-skiing world better than anyone I know. Oh, and she just happens to be a long-standing extraordinary member & teammate in the Todd Durkin Mastermind group of fitness pros, trainers, coaches, and fitness business owners.

I can tell you this….today’s IMPACT SHOW will start strong, be smooth throughout, and come burning through the gates at the end. Heck, we may all even have an “apres-ski” afterwards (of what is technically the last show of 2023. Whaatt???). Here is SOME of what you will get today…along with a whole heckuva lot smack talking from me as I challenge her to a downhill race (what was I thinking!). Here we GO…

  1. Jenn’s background in skiing, fitness, training, and how she eventually married her love for training, fitness, and skiing?

  2. What does the Todd Durkin Mastermind mean to you? 

  3. Favorite memory or two from the Mastermind…

  4. What are your Top 2 or 3 big accomplishments from this past year?

  5. Share 2-3 of your BIG goals for 2024.

  6. Jenn shares a ton about her desire to get her Peak Ski Conditioning program in even more ski-enthusiasts hands because people can do the “dry-land” training anywhere with very little equipment and it’s all virtual…and it WILL improve their skiing. 

  7. If there was one person on your Mastermind Team you wanted to give a special shout out to, who would that be and why?

  8. If someone was a fit-pro, trainer, or coach, why should they consider joining the Mastermind?

  9. Where is Jenn Lockwood going to be in 3-years?

  10. All of Jenn’s follow-up contact information and the very special BONUS (you will not believe this!) if you get her program before January 25th…

I love seeing Jenn Lockwood live life. She’s combining all her passions, including supporting her two sons who are “extreme” snowboarder athletes. If you enjoy today’s IMPACT SHOW and you know any other snow-ski enthusiasts who would, please share this episode with them and on your social media please. Thank you.

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Jennifer Lockwood BIO:

Jennifer Lockwood is a member of the elite Technical Team for the Northwest Professional Ski Instructors of America, Training Coordinator and Snowsports Instructor at Mt. Hood Meadows Mountain Resort and the owner of PEAK fitness NW in Mount Hood, Oregon. Jenn brings a unique blend of experience and knowledge to her clients due to her 25 years as a certified personal trainer and her life-long passion for skiing. She is a Children’s Specialist Clinician and accredited Senior and Freestyle Specialist with PSIA-NW.

An Exercise & Sports Science Degree from Oregon State University led to certifications as an Exercise Physiologist (American College of Sports Medicine), Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach (American Council on Exercise), Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Outdoor Action Fitness Level 2. Her passion for sports conditioning led to work with high school soccer programs; tennis, golf and Western Hockey League players.

FUN and variety are key elements of Jenn’s exercise programs.  She incorporates non-traditional elements to her workout routines and strives to create a sense of adventure with clients. Her mission is to help people envision possibilities, achieve goals and discover a sense of fun-filled adventurous moments in life.

Her love of the adventurous, outdoor life is best spent with husband, Dan, and her sons, Kegan and Kellan. Alpine skiing, traveling and educating fellow ski pros for PSIA-NW, cross-country skiing and snowboarding in the winter; mountain biking, trail running, hiking and paddleboarding in the summer. Jenn’s motto is Get Out. Get Fit & Have FUN!

Her award-winning ski conditioning program can be found at


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The boom has been lowered. All my smack-talking to a professional skier (and extraordinary fit-pro) has gotten me into some trouble. I am weeks (hopefully months!) away from racing Jenn Lockwood in a downhill ski race. Hmmm, this might not end well for me. But I can tell you this….today’s IMPACT SHOW will start strong, be smooth throughout, and come burning through the gates at the end. Heck, we may all even have some apres-ski after what is technically the last show of 2023. Whaatt???


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