Surviving the Storm

Featured Mastermind Blog of the Monthby Heather Fahrenkrog, Chief Motivating Officer A storm at sea tests a sailor’s fortitude and ability to stay on course. A storm that sweeps across the globe, wave after wave, year after year, tests far more – our mental, emotional, and physical limits, our breaking points. It has been a […]

Did the Pandemic Set You Free?

Travis is Different

Featured Mastermind Blog of the Monthby Travis Barnes, Founder & CEO, Journey 333 Fitness Franchise Todd Durkin recently shared a quote that said, “What if you haven’t met you yet?” Great quote and a challenging question for us all. I’ll say that the pandemic set me free because it introduced me to me. It was March of […]

STRONG – Devon Cassidy’s Journal Entry Day #3

On day one of meeting Devon, I had the opportunity to sit with her and ask her about her life. She was unhappy, unhealthy, and in a bad place in life. So I presented her a journal, my book, and asked her to have a mantra she could use every single day we were together […]

I Believe in You

A dear friend, Kelli Corasanti, wrote an article on “I Believe in You” that captures the essence of STRONG and the power of BELIEF. The power of the mind is incredible. And so is encouragement. We all need cheerleaders in our lives. Today, stand up for what you believe in, let your light shine brightly, and […]


Live Inspired! By Natalie Peterson The things that you do and how you do them have an impact on the people around you. It becomes a ripple effect, those that you influence go on to influence others. Whether you are in a leadership role in your professional life or not, you are an influencer of […]

The Story Behind a Person: Jesse Dietrick

We all have a story. Sometimes having a bigger story can lead to bigger moments in life. The stories that we tell of our lives attract others to us. What is your story? This past Saturday I had the great opportunity to lead a warm-up for Team in Training. Team in Training is a running group […]

Stay Beaming Through The Holidays

“Our friends at Beaming have some fantastic tips to keep us healthy & happy through the holiday season” It’s that time of year where social occasions should be called mandatory obligations and not partaking in a cocktail will get you named Ebenezer Scrooge quicker than you can say Bah Humbug. You visit your family, your […]