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Dreams, Leadership, Frustrations, & What’s Next… Deep Thoughts with TD

I’m getting a little deep on you today and talking about some things on my mind and thoughts from my heart. I am talking about dreams, leadership, frustrations, and what’s next in life. Specifically, I want to talk about how dreams keep you alive, leadership in today’s crazy & chaotic times, and my thoughts on the question of “What’s next?”

Listen in, hear my thoughts, and then I encourage you to answer the questions I share with you: 

  1. What is your God-Sized Dream?
  2. What do you MOST love doing these days?
  3. How can you be a better leader today with your family and business/career?
  4. How & where do you invest your attention?
  5. How do you be more present in the moment?
  6. What’s next in life?  
  7. What frustrates you the most? (I share 2 things that really frustrate me).
  8. Who are you most grateful for? 

My man Wayne Cotton often says… ”Fear, frustration, and failure are often conquered with Faith, Fortitude, Forward-Thinking, and Follow-Through! Let’s see what we can do today to live our best life…TODAY!

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More on the episode:

1:23 – Todd shares his excitement for the trip to North Carolina for a live event and to see Luke at Davidson.

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4:42 – What is Your God-Sized Dream?

What do you love to do? It must be reinforced every day.

15:34 – Leadership…How can you be a better leader in today’s crazy & chaotic times? Lead follow or get out of the way.

Management is doing things right. Leadership is doing the right things. -Peter Drucker

21:02 – Do you ever get frustrated? Yeah, me too. I want to share a few things frustrating me these days. 

26:10 – What’s Next? What do you do when the whispers are greater than the shouts.

  • Speaking more
  • Working on an Iconic Planner & Journal for 2022
  • Podcasts continue to grow!  Thank you!
  • FQ10 is flourishing again…Thank you Jeff Bristol!


Gratitude is a currency that we can mint for ourselves and spend without fear of bankruptcy. – Fred De Witt Van Amburg

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