The Journey of Parenting Through Addiction & Incarceration

Today’s episode is one that’s going to blow your mind. It’s a story with a great friend of mine who spent 10-years incarcerated, overcame addiction, and is now parenting a child who faces the same challenges and addictions he did.  Travis & and his wife of 22-years, Cyndy Barnes, go deep today and share the […]

What if you lost 10-years of your Life?

What if you “lost” 10-years of your life? Literally. What would you do? Maybe you were sick.Maybe you were broken.Maybe you had an addiction.Maybe you were incarcerated.Maybe it was all of it. Meet Travis and Cyndy Barnes. They are the proud owners of a fitness franchise called “Journey 333.” They are impacting thousands of lives […]

You Are Stronger Than You Think!

Is anyone facing any challenges out there these days? Whether it’s health, mindset, career, finances, or even parenting, these struggles can take a toll on you. In my continuing series on “Unbreakable,” I’ve been spotlighting some everyday people who I find tremendously resilient and inspiring. Today’s guest is someone I’ve known and worked with for […]

My All-Time Personal Favorite Episodes out of 200 IMPACT SHOWS

Woah Nelly, I can’t believe we are celebrating 200-episodes today. WOW!!! As a matter of fact, I asked my wife Melanie and right-hand teammate Julie Wilcox to be an instrumental part of today’s 200th episode gala and they are a big part of today’s celebration. In today’s 200th special episode, we share: My all-time favorite […]

Jeff Bristol…Overcoming Addiction & Rising to the Top

I hope you guys have all had your morning workout, coffee, or energy drink because we are going deep today with my man Jeff Bristol, General Manager of Fitness Quest 10. If you are outside of the Fitness Quest 10 community you may not know Jeff, but he has one heckuva story. He has been […]