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Talk with Martin Rooney…Coach to Coach

Good morning! I hope you are about to crush a workout (or already finished your workout) and are ready to DOMINATE this day. 

You’re in for a real treat today as I have one of my best friends and most respected coaches in the fitness industry as a guest on the IMPACT Show, Martin Rooney.

While I know every trainer and coach who listens to the IMPACT Show will LOVE this episode, I believe that everyone, no matter your occupation, will love this episode just as much.

It addresses leadership, parenting, high-performance, and of course, the mentality needed to perform at your best, even amidst these crazy times. 

My friends, today’s episode is called “COACH TO COACH,” and I know you’re going to enjoy it. 

Carve out some time, be a fly in the room during this conversation, and elevate YOUR consciousness and best-self today.


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COACH to COACH with Martin Rooney 

Some of the highlights from today’s show include:

  • Top lessons learned as a coach in the sports & fitness industry.
  • Why the “Golden Rule” is so important.
  • The best thing you can do in front of your kids.
  • What the best LEADERS do to LEAD in times of crisis.
  • The HOLY GRAIL of coaching.
  • The 5 words that everyone loves to hear.
  • REMEMBER THIS–Players Win Games and Coaches Lose Them! The BEST part of quarantining with 5 girls in the Rooney household.

The list goes on and on. This is an hour-packed episode designed to elevate everything about your day, week, and life.

Enjoy the show and please share and post it if you find value in it. 

Your shares and posts really do matter as they help the Todd Durkin IMPACT Show continue to climb the ranks to be one of the top-rated motivational podcasts on the planet. 

Crush your day and create GREATNESS!

Your coach,


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