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The REINVENTION Series…It’s About to Get Deep

WOAH. You are about to receive the DEEPEST series to date in the Todd Durkin IMPACT SHOW podcast history. With almost five years of podcasting and over 300 episodes, these upcoming episodes will be as deep as it gets. WHY? I’m in the midst of a reinvention, rebrand, and re-ignition of inspiration myself. And it’s been a 3+ year project. Literally. While I’m really excited about what’s happening now, it’s because of some real pain, frustration, overwhelm, and burnout over the last three years that have ultimately created what’s about to hit. It also makes me a bit nervous to share and be so vulnerable and raw, but I’m being called to share the “ugly” with the “good.” Are you ready?

Here is what you will hear in today’s episode:

  • Why I’m nervous to share what I’m about to share today as well as the next few episodes in this series
  • Why I’m sharing some of the “ugly” before I share what I’m ultimately excited to reveal
  • Why this episode and series will speak to you if you are currently stuck, frustrated, doing some soul-searching, anxious, sometimes depressed, often overwhelmed, or even burnt out
  • Why this episode will speak to you if you are successful and things are going well but searching for even more meaning, purpose, and IMPACT
  • Why I sometimes feel F’d up from the pandemic
  • How Rory Vaden’s podcast interview impacted me and kept me up at night – this includes my revelation at 2:36 a.m., how it provided clarity on my ‘divine uniqueness’, and how it’s allowing me to go even deeper on my own brand
  • The incredible conversation I had with Pastor David Jeremiah and how that led to an invite to one of the most prestigious pulpits in the world
  • Three reasons why you might need to rebrand or reinvent yourself at some point in the near future
  • My challenge to you over the next week and what to look forward to in the upcoming weeks with the “Reinvention Series”

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Todd Durkin is one of the world’s leading coaches, trainers, and motivators. It’s no secret why some of the world’s top athletes have trained with him for nearly two decades. He’s a best-selling author, a motivational speaker, and founded the legendary Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, CA. He currently coaches fellow trainers, coaches, and life-transformers in his Todd Durkin Mastermind group. Here, he mentors and shares his 25-years of wisdom in the industry on business, leadership, marketing, training, and personal growth.

Todd was a coach on the NBC & Netflix show “STRONG.” He’s a previous Jack LaLanne Award winner, a 2-time Trainer of the Year. Todd and his wife Melanie head up the Durkin IMPACT Foundation (501-c-3) that has raised over $250,000 since it started in 2013. 100% of all proceeds go back to kids and families in need.

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