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This is what keeps me up at night…

I need to share something that’s been on my MIND a lot lately… IMPACT!!!

It’s what drives me these days.
It’s what fuels me right now.
It’s what gets me up.
It’s what keeps me up.
It’s what has gotten me through the last 9-months.


How do I change more lives?
How do I save more lives?
How do I serve more people?
How do I create more IMPACT?

These are the questions I ask myself every day.
How about you?
What questions are you asking yourself…
What’s driving you…
What’s keeping you up at night…
What’s giving you some “juice” these days…

Now MORE than ever you got to stay “juiced” up and seek your “IMPACT.”

3 things today all related to IMPACT and what’s on my mind:

1. Brand-new “TD I.M.P.A.C.T. Coaching” Certification this Saturday, Nov 21st, 2020

I have dedicated a ton of time the last several months over the pandemic to create my new “life-coaching” certification program.

And the 1-Day certification is this Saturday, Nov 21st. And it’s 100% virtual!

See all details here.

In this program, I will be coaching and sharing my proven systems, methodologies, and know-how to coaches who want to help others get unstuck in business, leadership, and their own personal growth…and be in my network.

It’s going to be a great opportunity for people who are looking to grow a career as a “life-coach” and be more a part of my team & community.


2. “IMPACT Week” for my IMPACT Foundation starts next week…and YOU can participate wherever you live.

In 2012, I started my non-profit Durkin IMPACT Foundation [501-c-3]. In the past 8-years, the Foundation has donated over $250,000 to families and kids in need. And we have our big annual fundraiser for the Foundation starting next week.

The IMPACT Foundation is one of the things that I am MOST passionate about these days and I couldn’t be more excited to have “IMPACT WEEK” starting next week (Thanksgiving week).

We have a ton of events & happenings (both Virtual & LIVE) going on for people to participate wherever you live so that we can create global IMPACT.

Check out just some of the happenings for IMPACT Week…

  • “IMPACT Amplified Talk”—Saturday, Nov 28th; 10 am; you can be anywhere around the world and it’s just $20.00 to “sit-in.” (Will be a ZOOM)
  • Virtual Turkey Trot—Thursday, Nov 26th ($20);
  • ONLINE Sales for Gear & Apparel (33% OFF)

See all Details of IMPACT WEEK here…

GLOBAL (outside of San Diego)

LOCAL (San Diego/Southern California)

  • Turkey Trot @ 7am at the Lake (parking lot will be closed!) Suggested donation of $20 – online here OR cash/check made out to Durkin IMPACT Foundation
  • Burn the Bird- 8 am AND 9 am Workouts! Nov 27th MUST sign up online or call the front desk! All outside- 20 spots total/class!
  • Bootcamp and TD Fitness Saturday, Nov 28 – 8 & 9 am [$20.00 Registration Fee for all guests/NON-members made out to IMPACT Foundation]

I know this is a tough time to be asking for anything. But in the spirit of giving thanks and serving, we will do everything we can to raise as much money as possible for scholarships for the 2021 graduating class. 100% of every penny raised next week goes to families & kids in-need.

And if there is ever a time that a “class” needs help, it’s the 2021 graduating class that will need as much help as humanly possible.

SEE ALL DETAILS on HOW you can get involved in IMPACT week starting next week.

Additionally, if one would like to donate any amount ($10, $20, $100, $1,000 or more), all of it is 100% deductible.

3. Today’s IMPACT Show Podcast—“A Walk with Jersey & Me”

Take a walk, jog, or run with my favorite pup, “Jersey & Me” today as I share 3 things on my mind. One of my best practices is beating the sun up and getting out and “settin’ & gettin’” the mind right. And that’s exactly what today’s episode will do.

In today’s episode, I will discuss:

  1. God’s Timing is always perfect, even when you don’t agree with it.
  2. Where are you putting your faith these days. It needs to be in the right places otherwise you will fall victim to the world’s negativity, pessimism, and darkness.
  3. Where and how do you place your focus on your vision, knowing and trusting that the best is yet to come.

Enjoy the episode and please be sure to share “A walk with Jersey Dog & Me” with your community and friends. It certainly helps create & spread IMPACT to to help make this world a better place.


Well, that’s a lot of IMPACT. Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for taking part in any/all of the 3 “IMPACT” events above.

Much love…and lots of IMPACT!


P.S. Going LIVE for a “GNN” the next 2-days on IG & Facebook. Check out LOGISTICS below…

LIVE #1. TODAY (Thursday, Nov 19th) “Talking IMPACT” at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST.

In today’s “GNN”, I will be doing the following:

  1. My Top MINDSET Hack to get through this crazy time we are in.
  2. Sharing WHY I’m doing this IMPACT life-coaching program now and WHY I’m excited to work closely with a small group of coaches excited to change more lives.
  3. Taking your Q&A on IMPACT Coaching and how to be the BEST Coach you can be right now.

Join here: Facebook and Instagram

LIVE #2. TOMORROW (Friday, Nov 20th) “Why are Gyms Closed, What To do, & How to Change LIVES these days” & SWAG Give-Away at 12 noon PST/3 pm EST

In tomorrows live I will focus on a few things:

  1. Why are gyms closed? Get my real feelings now…
  2. How & Why to “double-down” on your exercise & nutrition NOW. This includes giving you a Turkey-Week WORKOUT plan & challenge. Yep!
  3. Give away a ton of swag to our fire-breathing dragon friends needing to get hooked-up.

    This includes:
    Under Armour IMPACT or MINDRIGHT MANIAC grey hoodie.
    CarnoSyn Swag Bag. Yessss….just in time for the holidays we are going to give away some of my favorite supplements to amp up your performance.
    GET YOUR MIND RIGHT book. If there is EVER a time to read my book, it’s NOW. I’ll be gifting away a book to one lucky winner.

Join here: Facebook and Instagram

Be sure to TEXT “TD” to 56977 to get a special note & gift now!!

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