Breaking Down Before Breaking Through

Mastermind Blog Of the MonthBy Coach Derith Cass When your journey starts with a breakdown, the only way out is a breakthrough We arrived at the airport without a hitch, smiling, laughing, and greeting both familiar and new faces as we anticipated what would undoubtedly be an epic adventure. The first flight was easy peasy. […]

The 4 W’s to a Great Day

Mastermind Blog of the Month By “Coach Josef” Serfaty How do you seize the day? Do you roll out of bed, begrudgingly, and shuffle through your day? Perhaps, you simply plow through the task list, then crash into bed at the end of the day, only to feel like you didn’t accomplish anything. Or you […]

Coaching Aging Athletes Using Insights from Historical Data

Featured Mastermind Blog of the MonthBy Joy McCulloch A significant mental hurdle to overcome as athletes and coaches, and life as a whole, is comparing what we are now to what we once were. I began Big Wheel Coaching in the summer of 2009. I was a high school Physical Education Teacher and team sports coach […]

What if you lost 10-years of your Life?

What if you “lost” 10-years of your life? Literally. What would you do? Maybe you were sick.Maybe you were broken.Maybe you had an addiction.Maybe you were incarcerated.Maybe it was all of it. Meet Travis and Cyndy Barnes. They are the proud owners of a fitness franchise called “Journey 333.” They are impacting thousands of lives […]

Did the Pandemic Set You Free?

Travis is Different

Featured Mastermind Blog of the Monthby Travis Barnes, Founder & CEO, Journey 333 Fitness Franchise Todd Durkin recently shared a quote that said, “What if you haven’t met you yet?” Great quote and a challenging question for us all. I’ll say that the pandemic set me free because it introduced me to me. It was March of […]

10 Q&A’s with TD

We are going to have some fun today! I have 10 great questions from my launch team for my new book Get Your Mind Right! We are talking business, leadership, life, 10 words I guarantee that will help Get Your Mind Right… And Then Some! I’m fired up and have been counting down the days […]

My 3 Biggest MISTAKES in my Fitness Career

I have made lots of mistakes in my career. Some BIG. Some not so big. Heck, just last week I made a careless mistake on an FB LIVE that was so frustrating to me. It was NOT one of my top 3 career BIG mistakes but it drove me bonkers for hours afterward. It frustrated […]

Do Better

Let me ask you a question. When in your LIFE were you most scared? Was it as a kid when you thought the boogie-man lived under your bed? Was it when you entered into middle-school or high-school and you were nervous about the “upperclassmen”? Or was it when you left to go to college and […]

7 Environments in Life

A Special Birthday Message By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS I’m a huge believer in surrounding yourself with the right people. People that will elevate your mindset, challenge you, hold you accountable, give your honest feedback, and people that you can trust. I am a firm believer in that you are the average of the 5 […]

Shift Happens

Shift Happen By Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS It is said that “either you choose change or change will choose you.” So true! Speaking of change, I gave a talk to my Mastermind Group at our Retreat last week called “Shift Happens.” Part of my talk entailed discussing the “4 Insights of Change” by Peter Diamandis. […]