SHIFT Happens…My Top 7 Lessons from the SHIFT Retreat

I am still riding the high of my SHIFT RETREAT a couple of weeks ago. We had over 120-people live & in-person going nuts. Today, I want to share some of that energy with you as I reflect upon my Top 7 Lessons/takeaways from the Retreat. You’re going to “feel” me on this one, and […]

3 Strategic Decisions for Growing the Brand

I love the growth mindset & the perpetual desire to get better. Today’s episode is one where you are literally stepping into a meeting at the TDE Headquarters discussing 3 “big” potential marketing & brand-enhancement strategies. You will be like a fly on the wall as we make some “big” decisions to proliferate even more […]

Top 9 Lessons from Covid-19

The last 3-months have been some of the toughest, most-grueling months in history. Period. Upon reflection, Covid-19 and the quarantine have provided me a ton of unique lessons that will surely be beneficial in the long-term. In today’s episode, I share 9 lessons from the last 90-days that range from some of my highest emotions […]

Humor is Medicine for the Soul–Game Time with Steve Shenbaum

If you like to laugh and smile, you’re going to love this episode. Communication expert Steve Shenbaum is back for another episode (see Ep. 76) and this time puts me through the test with some of his favorite acting/communication games called “Expert Speaker” and “Red Light, Green Light.” Yes, I’m the one on the spot […]

My Top 3 Fears, Playing for the Tie, & MUST-DO Exercises Right Now

Buckle up your boot-straps my friends. Are you ready to get your mind right today? I recorded this episode just 2-days ago after an epic workout to get my own mind right. As a matter of fact, I kept my smelly clothes on, my UA headband on, my MyZone belt on, and absolutely loved fielding […]

Top 5 Tips to Help Kids Succeed in Sport Today | IMPACT Q&A

The world needs more great coaches on all levels and our youth sport world today is an entirely different ball game than it was back in my day– both for the kids and for the coaches. On today’s episode, Lori Sawyer asks my thoughts on today’s youth sport culture and how it compares to when […]

How To Get Your First PRO Athlete | IMPACT Q&A

In this episode of IMPACT Q&A, Todd answers two great questions: “What were your thoughts when you got your first professional client?” “If you were to write an acknowledgment for your life, who would you acknowledge, or what would you attribute, in helping you to get where you are today?” Todd shares the story of […]

6 Ways to Get Your MOJO Back | IMPACT Q&A

6 Ways to get your mojo back | Impact q&a

Have you ever felt like you have lost your mojo? Or you need a little pick-me-up to get the creative juices and positive energy flowing again? In this episode of IMPACT, Todd answers the question “How do you get your mojo back when you are struggling from injuries and not able to put in the […]