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Are You broken?

After an overwhelming response to a recent e-mail, I decided to share a snippet of that powerful message I sent below. Enjoy!

“The blessing is often in the broken. Every time you were broken, you multiplied.”

I heard T.D. Jakes — a world-renowned pastor, acclaimed author, talk show host, and movie producer —  share that profound quote recently and it really stuck with me.

In fact, take a second to re-read T.D.’s words and reflect a bit… there’s something incredibly powerful in those two simple sentences.

We’re all going to “break” at some point in life. Heck, you may even feel “broken” right now. It’s likely not the first time and probably won’t be the last time. But it always seems in times of trials, tribulations, disasters, and tragedies, the human spirit comes alive and rises to new heights. Or as T.D. Jakes would say, it “multiplies.”

Whether you’re feeling “broken” now or experience breakdowns later in life, it takes resilience, toughness, perseverance, faith, and a ton of belief to dust yourself off, regain your mojo, and “multiply.”

And YOU have all of those traits inside of you to “multiply.”

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there. Many times. You just have to have the tenacity to keep believing and remembering your deepest purpose in life.

As I shared in Dose of Durkin 153, I believe a catastrophe several years ago led to a calling when Hurricane Sandy ravaged the Eastern seaboard and pummeled my hometown of Brick, New Jersey, back in 2012. While I was not there, family, friends, and loved ones were left devastated after that awful event, and it ultimately led me to believe I could do more, be more, and GIVE more.

Hurricane Sandy was the driving force behind me starting my own foundation (something I’d talked about for years), the Durkin IMPACT Foundation. And years later, we’ve raised A LOT of money to give back to kids and families in need.

My friends, this is just one example of a moment in time where I felt “broken.” And today, I’m so proud of what the Durkin IMPACT Foundation has accomplished, that I know it’s safe to say I “multiplied.”

I wish the same for you. Allow those “broken” moments to lead you to higher places.


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