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The 5 Best Things From My Costa Rica Trip

I spent much of last week in beautiful Costa Rica. I hadn’t been there in over 20 years when Melanie and I took our honeymoon there.

This time, I was going down there for a different reason. I was delivering a keynote and “IMPACT Experience” to a company called, “My Fed Benefits.” This company provides benefit plans to ALL federal employees and the trip was an incentive trip for the top 50 people in the company who have all earned this incredible experience. 

It was absolutely AWESOME!!!

My wife (since she wasn’t there) asked me about the best part of the trip. I told her five things. Here they are in reverse order…

  • #5: A 90-minute massage on the beach…for only $60!
  • #4: Two epic workouts
  • #3: The “Sail & Snorkel” adventure trip
  • #2: A standing ovation after my keynote
  • #1: The “Pura Vida” mindset
Epic Trip to Costa Rica Includes Massage on the Beach, Snorkeling
…and a Standing Ovation

Let me explain each just a bit further…

#5. A 90-minute massage on the beach…for only $60!!

After my keynote address and working on Friday, I decided to take a walk on the beautiful beach. And then an elderly woman named Norma comes up to me and asks me in broken English and asks if I would like a massage.

I asked her how much. She said, “$40 and it’s very good.”

I thought about it for about two seconds and said, “Sure, I need a massage.” I greatly did need some work after the red-eye flight just the previous day. 

10 minutes into the massage I knew Norma was an excellent therapist. Now let me paint the picture. The ocean was about 20 yards away and the waves were crashing. Our table was set under a bunch of trees that shaded the area completely. And it was just a gorgeous day.

I said, “Norma, can you do 90 minutes?”

She replied and said, “Yes. She said that will be $60.”

90 minutes later, I felt like a million bucks. I gave her a $40 tip and never felt so good after a $100 dollar massage. 

A $60 Massage on the Beach from my massage therapist Norma 

Lesson: Massage and bodywork is soooo good for the body and the mind. It’s even better when it’s on the beach with waves crashing. And it’s even better when it only costs $60 for 90-minutes. WOW!!!

#4. Two epic workouts

Epic workout #1. Thursday. 

While I worked out every day I was in Costa Rica, two of my four workouts were epic. Let me explain. One of my rules for traveling internationally is that I always work out when I arrive. Regardless of time changes, location, amenities, gym or not…I’m working out.

Fortunately, the “Westin Golf Resort & Spa Playa Conchal” had a very good set-up. So day 1 (Thursday) workout was the below:

  • 20 minutes on the elliptical
  • 30-minute strength (total body); (life fitness old-school circuit of chest-press, lat pulldown, leg curl, prone leg curl, and core rotations); felt good to just get some good strength work in and move the body. 
  • 10 minutes of interval conditioning on the spin bike. 1 min on/30 seconds off; Woah!!
  • 10 minutes of BOXING. I love that they had a heavy bag. Yep. And I knocked the heck out of it. And it felt great.
  • 10-minute STRETCH & relax…AHHH!!!

Epic workout #1 & my MyZone metrics proved it – let’s GOO!!

My mind was right after this one. Over 1,000 calories burned and 212 MEPs (MyZone Effort Points) burned in the 90 minutes or so…

Epic workout #2. Saturday.

I lead an early morning “IMPACT Sweat & Stretch” workout to some of the attendees on Saturday morning. And while 7 a.m. may not seem early to you, after a night of “rowdiness and fun” for many of these attendees, I was proud to see some hard-chargers show up to “Get their Minds Right!!” Haha.

When it was all over, I invited them into the weight room for some “and then some” work with me, as I needed to get my workout in.

Let’s just say some clanging and banging and an all-out barrage of weights, cardio, more boxing, and core was what the doctor ordered. I hit a record number of MEPs and calories in a workout in the last three months as I crushed over 1,500 calories and 300 MEPS. 

Epic workout #2 in the books!

LESSON: Get in EPIC workouts as they are great for the body, mind, and soul!

#3. The “Sail & Snorkel” adventure.

Now THIS was epic. A huge catamaran sailboat. 50 people. One hour out to a hotspot of tropical fish along the coast. Snorkeling and getting a view of LIFE under the water. While it was a bit murky and we couldn’t see ALL the fish, snorkeling around the reefs for an hour or so was really a great experience on a gorgeous late afternoon as the sun set and there was a ton of laughing and connecting. While I have never considered myself a “sailor,” I must admit there was something peaceful on this massive sailboat just cruising through the calm South Pacific Ocean.

The “Sail & Snorkel” was a great adventure!

Lesson: Build “ADVENTURE” into your monthly calendar. “Adventure” doesn’t come naturally to me so I always build it into my “3-in-30” calendar as adventure is so good for your soul. 

What’s YOUR next adventure?

#2. A standing ovation after my keynote!

After reading the previous three “highlights,” you probably thought this trip was just a vacation. The truth is that as much fun as it was, this was a “work” trip. I was brought to Costa Rica to deliver a riveting keynote to inspire these people. To ignite a spark in them, despite them already achieving success. 

And to be honest, while I have delivered my “IMPACT” and “Get Your Mind Right” keynote hundreds of times now, every single one of them MATTERS. 

I customize all of them to fit the audience. 

I spend dozens of hours prepping my slides and presentation.

I create handouts for them.

I spend countless hours visualizing the talk and how I want it to come across up until game time, literally. 

It actually then becomes all-consuming for days in advance leading up to “game time.” 

Don’t let it ever fool you when you see a polished speaker make it look “easy.” 

There’s a reason they make it look easy…and it has nothing to do with being “easy.”

So when the 75-minute keynote was over and the attendees erupted in a loud couple-minute standing ovation, I felt it. I got emotional. 

It’s like an athlete after a big game. 

Or like an actress or actor in the theater after a big show.

Or like a preacher after a Sunday sermon. 

You lay it all on the line for an hour or so…but only you know that it may have taken 50-100 hours to PREP for that one talk.

This one went deep. And the standing “O” proved that IMPACT was definitely AMPLIFED in this one!!!

Honored to present my “IMPACT AMPLIFIED” keynote to My Fed Benefits

And getting the standing ovation was just Icing on the cake!!

LESSON: It often takes countless hours behind the scenes to make something look easy. DO THE WORK. And then when it’s “game time,” let your preparation pay off by getting in a “flow state.” 

#1. The “Pura Vida” mindset.

By literal translation, this means “Pure Life.” In Costa Rica, it’s a way of life. It’s an ethos. And it means to relax, be happy, and live stress-free. Pura Vida is an emotion and it means living with your heart and soul in all you do. And let me tell you, it’s positively contagious!

I felt like my stress levels were at about a “2” while there.

I enjoyed all the connections with the extraordinary people from My Fed Benefits.

I enjoyed the conversations with the local people. From Norma the massage therapist to the incredible hospitality all around the resort, it was exceptional.

I enjoyed the exquisite food.

I enjoyed the workouts. 

I enjoyed the grounds. 

I enjoyed the adventure trip with sailing and snorkeling.

I was relaxed, happy, and enjoying the conversations. 

I guess I was living PURA VIDA.


My friends, thank you for reading. I hope that in some small way this message helps you find more joy, peace, and happiness as well in all you do. I guess that would be called “PURA VIDA” as well.

God bless you!


P.S. #1.  The feedback on Podcast Episode #301 (The Reinvention Series) has been EPIC!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for all the incredible feedback from this week’s podcast episode. Man, while this is just the “intro” to the series and next week is about to get EVEN DEEPER, I can’t thank you enough.

Seriously, sharing all this has been challenging for me because of how tough the last three years have been. But the feedback from so many of you affirms that I’m glad I’m sharing it ALL.

Thank you!!!

If you have not yet listened to this week’s podcast Ep. 301, here are the links:

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P.S. #2 The Reinspired ReBRAND is coming!!!

As mentioned on the podcast, I have some really exciting news that we are about to share and drop in the next couple of weeks. While I was hoping that we would be able to share it this week, it looks as if we are 1-2 weeks “behind” with launching what will be the biggest “ReBrand” in TDE (Todd Durkin Enterprises) history. Trust me, the team and I are working hard on this.

The “Rebrand/Reinvention Project” will include:

  • A brand new website…after about 10 years of the old one.
  • Fresh, newly inspired TDE logos and brand icons. While my “signature” will obviously never go away, we have a lot of cool branding coming your way. This will eventually mean a new merch drop later this summer as well!!
  • The “Dose of Durkin” is coming back. All you O.G.s may remember the D.O.D. (Dose of Durkin). Well, that’s coming back later starting in a few weeks and it’s going to deliver even more MIND, BODY, and SOUL. #StayTuned

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