Do you play better when you have a chip on your shoulder? I DO!!!

I gotta tell you I got a bit irritated and fired up the other day. The pre-season polls came out on Tuesday for my new arena football team (San Diego Strike Force; Indoor Football League) that I’m working with, and we were picked 14th… out of 14 teams. I said, “WE WERE PICKED 14th out […]

Do You Need to MEDITATE More?

One of the most common questions and inquiries I have received recently deals with “meditation” and how to include it in one’s routine. Many people want to include more meditation into their routine but have a tough time making it a regular habit. I have some thoughts… Let me share some of my thoughts about […]

Do you care too much what other people think?

I shared a quote the other day on social media that resonated with me when I read it. I then got a ton of positive comments as the quote apparently struck a chord with many. The quote reads… Let me ask you a question… Do you sometimes care “too much” what other people think? Be […]

Today is kind of a SAD day

Today is a “sad” day. Well, actually, it’s a “happy” day, but I’m struggling a bit. My baby-girl McKenna turns “13” today. She’s a full-blown teenager. I’m literally shaking-my-head thinking, how did this all happen so darned quick. Man, gotta slow TIME down. High-School Sports are BACK!!! In addition to feeling HAPPY today, we are […]

The Hardest & Most Important Thing I Do!

One of my keynotes I’m giving this summer is called my “Top 20 Lessons in 20-Years.” Yes, this is my 20th year in business at Fitness Quest 10, and I’ve learned a TON of valuable lessons. Heck, I’ve learned 20-lessons alone in the last 6-months. But I have kept this talk macro to discuss my TOP […]

Boys in a Cave

It’s a busy time of the year and I know everyone has a ton going on. But I invite you to STOP for 3-minutes and please read this letter I just wrote. It might save your life. Literally. I’m not sure about you but I have been captivated by this story of the youth Thai […]

LAX Training with my son Luke on the TRX Rip Trainer

A couple weeks ago, I shared in my TD Times about my son Luke shooting his lacrosse ball through my neighbor’s window.  And I shared how we handled that “little” mis-fire. It was a great life-lesson. But I need to tell you a little bit more about the whole story. You see, Luke asked me […]

“Every BODY Deserves To Be Heard”

Each year, in the second half of February, we experience a “change of seasons” at Fitness Quest 10 when the Major League Baseball players leave for spring training camp and the NFL players arrive for off-season training.  This year, just like the previous few, the seasons overlap and for a couple of weeks the football […]