5 Ways to Heat Up Your Motivation

Yoo-hoo!! Yeah, you know who it is… I’m in all-out motivation mode, baby. It’s my busy season; the calendar’s chock full of Perform Better presentations, keynotes across the globe, countless camps, and off-season athletes, and as the San Diego sun is shining down on Fitness Quest 10, the heat got me extra energized to hop […]

Terrell Chestnut: NFL DB Talks with Todd Durkin

Terrell Chestnut

Some of the best stories I have are about people you may have never heard of. This is probably the case of my story today. Yes, he is an NFL player. But he’s not a “superstar.” Well, actually he is. He has overcome foster care. He has overcome his brother dying when he was just […]

Find “IT”!

“The days you don’t have it…are the days you gotta find it. And the days you find it, when you didn’t have it, are often your BEST days.” My friends, for so long I have said this above statement. I believe it separates ordinary from EXTRAORDINARY. Good from GREAT. Truthfully, there are many days I […]

Paving the Path to World Class: 4 Habits of World-Class Performers

Surround Yourself With Thoroughbreds You are who you surround yourself with. Spend your time with world-class performers and their productive habits, positive actions, and indomitable attitudes will rub off on you. Fill your days with complainers (or energy suckers as I like to call them) and you’ll catch yourself whining. Hang with high-performers (or fire-breathing […]

Todd Durkin and Martin Rooney — ENERGY EXPLOSION

I have often thought about having an ENERGY EXPLOSION conference. You know, a 1 or 2-day conference/workshop to reset and recalibrate your energy. To fill your head with positivity. To have some epic calorie-burning workouts. To infuse some yoga and meditation. To eat world-class. To learn cutting-edge, high-performance hacks, tips, and secrets to operate in […]

Be Different…

Travis is Different

Be Different… Good morning. I’m fresh off my 10th Annual Mastermind Retreat in Coronado over the weekend. Let me just say it was absolutely epic. It was full of people who were “different”… We had over 100 people in for a deep-dive into business and personal growth. It was certainly full of WOW!!! One of […]

How Committed Are You?

Yes, December 26 is Boxing Day in many parts of the world. It is celebrated primarily in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. Boxing Day started in the UK about 800 years ago, during the Middle Ages. It was the day when the alms box, collection boxes for the poor often kept in […]

My Biggest Problem in China…

Ni-hao, Last week, I was in Shanghai, China, to teach at a fitness conference and have my first ever 2-day Mentorship in China. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Except one thing. The biggest problem I had is when I landed in Shanghai, China, at 8 pm local time was that it felt like I […]

Don’t Forget Who YOU Are

OMG. Pandemonium. Euphoria. Shock the world. Carpe Diem. David vs. Goliath. #MiracleInTheTower Were you as shocked as me last night when I stunned the “outside” world and pulled off one of the biggest upsets of my entire career? I can honestly say what you saw last night was one of my top “sports highlights” in […]