002. “Build It Up”

Warm-up (3 mins) Station #1: Chase the Lion (2 rounds) KB Swings or Squat Jumps @20secs Band Splitters or Reverse DB Flys @20 secs Station #2: Rise Up! (3 rounds) Side-Lunge / Skater Plyos @ 30 secs Rows (DB or TRX) + Kickbacks @30 secs Station #3. Get Your Mind Right (4 rounds) Bicep Curls […]

003. “Reverse Pyramids”

Warm-up (5-Mins) Pushups or DB Bench Press x 12, 11, 10… 1 Pullups, Lat Pulldowns or DB-1 Arm Rows x 12, 11, 10… 1 Air Squats (jumps optional) x 12, 11, 10… 1 Bicep Curls x 12, 11, 10… 1 Tricep Pressdowns or DB Kickbacks x 12, 11, 10… 1 Bench Dips x 12, 11, […]

018. Scratch, Claw, Climb, Battle, and KEEP GOING! [Dose of Durkin]

Quote of the Day… “Adversity is your Advantage…   Scratch, Claw, Climb, Battle, and KEEP GOING! #WeGotThis Workout of the Day… 5x: Ball Slam x 7, rest 30 seconds Squat Jumps x 7, rest 30-seconds   4x: Lunge Hops (or Lunges) x 16 Total Stability Ball Leg Curl x 8   3x: DB Incline Bench […]

015. “It’s Time to LAAABBBOOORRR!!!!” [Dose of Durkin]

Quote of the Day: “The 5 P’s to Greatness… Perfect Practice Produces Peak Performance” ~Coach Warren Wolf   Workout of the Day: “It’s Time to LAAABBBOOORRR!!!!” Run/Jog x 60-seconds Pushups x 25 Pullups x 8 (or 15 TRX Rows) Deadlift x 8 Squat Jumps x 8 Lunges x 16 total 50 yard “sprints” x 2 […]

017. Box Breathing! [Dose of Durkin]

Quote of Day… “Only when you are brave enough to explore the darkness will you discover the infinite power of your light.” ~Brene Brown   Workout of Day For 20 Minutes: Odd Minutes: 20 Air Squats or 15 Pushups (mix it up!) Even Minutes: Run 50 yds, Bike or Row 30 seconds Hard   Good […]

016. LEGS & LUNGS [Dose of Durkin]

“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap. If you want happiness for a day — go fishing. If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” ~Chinese proverb Workout of the Week: “LEGS & LUNGS” Circuit #1. LEGS […]

014. P.M.A. All The Way [Dose of Durkin]

Workout of the Day:  “P.M.A. All The Way” Complete as Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes of:   7 Pull-ups (or 12 TRX rows)   25 BW Squats 21 Pushups 15 Bicep Curls 15 Band Tricep Pressdowns 40 “Twisters” (Ab Twists) 150 yd Shuttle Run (25 yds down & 25 yds back x 3 sets) […]

013. Punch The Ticket [Dose of Durkin]

Workout Challenge:  “Punch The Ticket” KB Swings x 10 Pushups x 15 Lat Pulldowns (or TRX Rows) x 10 Jump Rope x 50   5 Rounds for Time… What’s your Time? My time was 12:56 (12-minutes & 56 seconds); can you beat that time? Post your Time on your IG-Stories and tag me @ToddDurkin (someone […]

012. Try this Workout… and let me know what you think (Dose of Durkin)

“Reverse Pyramids” (For circuits 1-3, superset between the 2 exercises with as little rest as needed; pay attention to the reps as they decrease with each set)   Circuit 1: Squats (jumps optional) 10, 9, 8, 7….all the way to 1. Pushups (regular or diamond) 10, 9, 8, 7…all the way to 1. Complete 1 […]

011. Workout of the Week: GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

Warm-up (5 Minutes) 5-minutes at a station: Station #1: “Fire-breathing Dragons” Squats (jumps) x 10 Bicep Curls x 11 Side-Lunges x 12 Total Pushups x 15-20   “In the box”—2 Minutes of “U Call It” Conditioning Station #2: Mind-Right Maniacs See-Saw Lunges x 10 total per side Pullups or Rows (DB or TRX) x 5-10 […]